Saturday, January 31, 2004


i wish all the muslims in the world a SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!!!

Friday, January 30, 2004

bout a fren


there's a fren of mine (preferred to be anonymous) who got this thing goin on her.
she has a guy her his not cute and he even not her type. but, she said, there's just sumthin that can bond them's just like as much as she hate to admit it but they're just the same in a way.
he made her laugh and sumtimes he made her mad.
and he didn't even know it..i think i know dat situation where guys like to ignore all those little sensitive stuff.
so, anyways, sumtimes she thought dat he's even flirting wit her.

sumtimes wen she got all xcited and happy bout the way he treated her, suddenly she feel solemn back as she realize the truth.
so,there's this time when he chatted wit her and at the same time he's tryin to flirt wit another girl.
she saw it and she hate him.
there's time when she hated him and thought that he was tryin to get to her because of sumthin that he want eg:help him to get to know a girl and stuff like dat.

she said to me that she like him as frens does.
so, wat's the problem here? i dun even know.
maybe, she just dun like to be treated that way or maybe she really likes him.

i have one of my guy fren acted like that too and i think i know wat 'my fren' really feels.


trianax+listens=Sigur Ros:Svefn-G-Englar
trianax+feeling=not well

i'm still freezing like snow queen. except that snow queen can always handle this situation because she lives in an ice cold place. i live in kuala lumpur where the weather always warm and nice.but lately it's been rainin all day long and i couldn't stand it. my spine is hurt..maybe its the wind which had been caused by this weather.
i had to ask my bro to send me my sweater.well, he grumbled though.

at last,i managed to finish up my PHP work on time.
i'm a gud girl!
nuthin much for today....had nasi for lunch.owh, and got drivin class this evening lah...i almost forgot.
the JPJ test had been postponed to 9th Feb and i'm still not sure if i can make it or not. i mean, i can move the wheel, but the hill part is complicated...finger cross,still.

trianax+listens=Avril Lavigne:Complicated
trianax+feeling=not well

it's 25 degrees outside and i'm gettin cold inside the office. the aircond is too cold and i dun feel well today.
got flu, my hands are frezing and my nose is runny.
how on earth kak lub can stand this condition?
my legs are gettin cramp...gosh...i need a nice hot bath rite now. or just throw me in warm and thick blankets.

sally's presentation is today and she has to go to PJ to do it.

i went to Tang's closing down sale yesterday and i got few items to take home. pretty cheap. got cute little pink bag,some Island Shop stuff.
there's sum renoma shoes on sale to, at bout 30-100 bucks per pair. and my sis went nuts bout it, she was like running to the renoma's corner and scream "where's the 30 bucks me dammit!!!!"
her obsession towards renoma started when she won herself a 150 bucks voucher. and guess wat she bought with dat voucher...a black stiletto! like she ever gonna wear it to the if!
and now, the stiletto's restin rite under her bed.

so,neweyz...i got to finish up my PHP work.
and it's still damn freezing here.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

trianax+listens=Sigur Ros:Agaetis Byrjun
trianax+feeling=ordinary feeling

today...well,well...wat can i say bout today.
zunu's lecturer came and she had to present her project...she did it well. bravo!

sally in the other hand was a bit tension because her lecturer didn't show his face at all..and now it's already 4.40pm. i dun think he ever gonna come today. poor sally. she had all prepared but too bad he's not coming. maybe sum miscommunication perhaps.
and zita quiet relax for today because her lecturer adjurn their scheduele for the presentation to next week,well, thanx to izman (i guess) who dun show up for the past few days.


as for warey, as usual, he skip the day off.i dunno wat is actually wrong wit dat guy...sumtimes he came to office early in the mornin and dissapear during 10am and above. despite of all the things, he actually finish his work up on time...

and reza... wat can i say bout him today..maybe his not himself for today, a bit hyper....jumpin all around and laugh on serious matters...hahahahha....i do think (on my humble opinion) that he's lack of caffeine. well, he didn't take his breakfast and skip his lunch. usually he had coffee (hot or cold) during both times. and i know caffeine would make ppl get hyper actually, but, in this case, his actually addicted to it and maybe the method kinda vice versa wit his body system. i dunno...that's wat i think.

and for kak lup, she's gettin better than yesterday. she couldn't take any kind of pills for her headache though.

and me...i'm xcited wit my brand new pc. :)
i'm a lucky girl alive!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

finally, people

trianax+feeling=great ++

how i've been nagging and complaining bout the pc i used...finally people, 'da boss' give me a new pc.
i can't even do my work on the old pc and reza wan us to finish them up by this week..
it's MIMOS. all of them are new xcept for the monitor which reza took mine and gav me his. well, i dun mind and dun care, as long as the cpu workin well.

so, i'm goin home alone today, kak lup had a headache and she coudn't stand it anymore hence she went home.
as for me, i'm still stuck in this office, tryin to download program files, mp3s etc to my new pc..well, i'm not complainin though.


trianax+listens=OAG:Satelite Ink

his name is adam. i think his kinda cute..

this is sorfina and i think she's the most adorable baby girl in the world!

this is iman but i called her manka. ain't she's a cutie?

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

A Blog is A Blog

trianax+feeling=boring and a bit angry(i need a new computer!!!!!)

so, hi u know dat blog or sum may called online journal is actually a diary (i know sum of u may groan "duh!"). the difference is it's online ("duh!" once again).btw, for those who still clueless where is the blog word come out from, well, the root word is actually weblog (a big DUH!!)
i've came across an article few years back bout this girl started an online journal and the mother found out and the mother was a bit confused that she had to ask this to her daughter "u dun let me read ur diary but instead u let thousands of strangers out there reading it"
well, mommy....that's the idea..they are strangers,they dun know me, i dun know them...correct not?

so, like me...i'll be glad that you (yes...u....the one who are reading this rite now) are actually lookin forward for my blog...u know, to know wat i've been up to,or just wanna see wat happen around me lately...etc..but if mi mama find out bout this blog and read them, i'll be like hands in the air and run for my life. shame lah...malu man!

so, the point is...there's a fren of mine, better known as reza or goes wit his alter-ego named cyphereza, found out bout my blog. i dunno when and how he did find out bout my blog. i was like, "u know ah?"....alamak...a bit shy lah to write down things wit him knowin everythin...
but, like rite now, i'm thinkin this two words in my mind: WHO CARES!
it's kinda cool though.... :)

peace brother!

Monday, January 26, 2004

trianax+listen=Tool:Forty Six and Two

it's already 4.45 and i'm goin home.
today is a bit boring maybe because the absent of sum of my frens here in the office.Zuazwary was always tryin to skip the day off and i dunno wat he's doin at home. Zita on the other hand always has this stomach ache goin on her.

so, catch u readers again tomorrow..

"listen to my muscle memory,contemplate what i've been clinging to, forty six and two ahead of me"


it's not bout dia..but it's bout another guy that i've known through my best fren,Ira. His name is Saari and he's been like frens wit me for a year and now he asked me on a date.
it's been a while since i'm dating anyone and i feel afraid. i dunno why but i dun think dating is one good option to continue our so called friendship. when i broke up wit my previous boyfren, we didn't stay as frens although i would luv too, he just disappear and i'd lost him as fren too...and i dun wan this beautiful friendship turn into an ugly pieces of hatred and such like i've been through before.

But he insist that we should try.
but what if the whole dating thing started to go into different way of direction?
i like him as a fren.

Anyways, i'm at the office at the moment...oh, and i dun have internet connection at home and i'm too lazy to go to the cybercafe to update my blog so you'll find me missing if it's holiday festive here or just simply on saturday and sunday.
so, where was i?
yeah...the dating thing. maybe i should try huh...maybe it's not that bad like i've thought.
because life is too short for me to ignore things that might become special to me sumday.

how's that for a motivation?

Thursday, January 22, 2004

First Online Journal

so, this is my first online journal. i dun have much to say....thanx to waikiki for recommended me to this site.
for those who wondering who am i...
i'm goin to turn to 21 this 8th april which i still dun use to it because i always thought that i'm 18. maybe because i miss my teen age. 21 means i'm an adult now, legal to vote, mature enough to get married and old enough to be seen shopping at lasenza girl boutique. if i vote, would i made the right decision then? if i get married, i'm not sure i can handle those housewife responsiblity...u know cooking etc...and i can't resist those cute little stuff at lasenza girl, for the record, i just bought 5 cute rings at lasenza.

21 is a big number. 21 is just a number but for me, 21 is sumthin that i imagine when i was 12 years old. i thought wat would i be when i turn far have i gone by that number and how well life had tought me to be a good person. i dunno....i dun have the answer yet, maybe i will one day huh.

peace brother!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My Silly Crush

lately i got a guy i crush on....his name if i'm not mistaken is zulfaka or wat i called him as dia. his tall, cute and cute.
everytime i saw him, my heart pounding. everytime i saw him smile, i felt dizzy..and when i didn't see him, i felt i'm not complete.
can i just go straight at him and cuddled him like my pillow back in my room?
or maybe i have to start with a smile,proceed with "hey" then go on with "goin to class?" and invite him for a lunch...a mutual fren gave me that idea.
but i'm too scared to do all that,sure, they might sound easy but not for me.

if only i can do sumthin simple to get me in his mind.
life can be so unpredictable huh...
one moment u think that guy had a thing for u and then suddenly u wake up from ur dream just to learn that it's not true.

My License

well, i'm goin to get my license in a few week to be exact.
today i'm goin to driving class...i 'm goin to do the parking, hill section and the road...
i'm still tryin to figure out wit this's weird...
did i mention i luv zulfaka? well, i luv him.