Tuesday, January 27, 2004

A Blog is A Blog

trianax+feeling=boring and a bit angry(i need a new computer!!!!!)

so, hi again...do u know dat blog or sum may called online journal is actually a diary (i know sum of u may groan "duh!"). the difference is it's online ("duh!" once again).btw, for those who still clueless where is the blog word come out from, well, the root word is actually weblog (a big DUH!!)
i've came across an article few years back bout this girl started an online journal and the mother found out and the mother was a bit confused that she had to ask this to her daughter "u dun let me read ur diary but instead u let thousands of strangers out there reading it"
well, mommy....that's the idea..they are strangers,they dun know me, i dun know them...correct not?

so, like me...i'll be glad that you (yes...u....the one who are reading this rite now) are actually lookin forward for my blog...u know, to know wat i've been up to,or just wanna see wat happen around me lately...etc..but if mi mama find out bout this blog and read them, i'll be like hands in the air and run for my life. shame lah...malu man!

so, the point is...there's a fren of mine, better known as reza or goes wit his alter-ego named cyphereza, found out bout my blog. i dunno when and how he did find out bout my blog. i was like, "u know ah?"....alamak...a bit shy lah to write down things wit him knowin everythin...
but, like rite now, i'm thinkin this two words in my mind: WHO CARES!
it's kinda cool though.... :)

peace brother!

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