Friday, January 30, 2004

bout a fren


there's a fren of mine (preferred to be anonymous) who got this thing goin on her.
she has a guy her his not cute and he even not her type. but, she said, there's just sumthin that can bond them's just like as much as she hate to admit it but they're just the same in a way.
he made her laugh and sumtimes he made her mad.
and he didn't even know it..i think i know dat situation where guys like to ignore all those little sensitive stuff.
so, anyways, sumtimes she thought dat he's even flirting wit her.

sumtimes wen she got all xcited and happy bout the way he treated her, suddenly she feel solemn back as she realize the truth.
so,there's this time when he chatted wit her and at the same time he's tryin to flirt wit another girl.
she saw it and she hate him.
there's time when she hated him and thought that he was tryin to get to her because of sumthin that he want eg:help him to get to know a girl and stuff like dat.

she said to me that she like him as frens does.
so, wat's the problem here? i dun even know.
maybe, she just dun like to be treated that way or maybe she really likes him.

i have one of my guy fren acted like that too and i think i know wat 'my fren' really feels.

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