Monday, January 26, 2004


it's not bout dia..but it's bout another guy that i've known through my best fren,Ira. His name is Saari and he's been like frens wit me for a year and now he asked me on a date.
it's been a while since i'm dating anyone and i feel afraid. i dunno why but i dun think dating is one good option to continue our so called friendship. when i broke up wit my previous boyfren, we didn't stay as frens although i would luv too, he just disappear and i'd lost him as fren too...and i dun wan this beautiful friendship turn into an ugly pieces of hatred and such like i've been through before.

But he insist that we should try.
but what if the whole dating thing started to go into different way of direction?
i like him as a fren.

Anyways, i'm at the office at the moment...oh, and i dun have internet connection at home and i'm too lazy to go to the cybercafe to update my blog so you'll find me missing if it's holiday festive here or just simply on saturday and sunday.
so, where was i?
yeah...the dating thing. maybe i should try huh...maybe it's not that bad like i've thought.
because life is too short for me to ignore things that might become special to me sumday.

how's that for a motivation?

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