Thursday, January 22, 2004

First Online Journal

so, this is my first online journal. i dun have much to say....thanx to waikiki for recommended me to this site.
for those who wondering who am i...
i'm goin to turn to 21 this 8th april which i still dun use to it because i always thought that i'm 18. maybe because i miss my teen age. 21 means i'm an adult now, legal to vote, mature enough to get married and old enough to be seen shopping at lasenza girl boutique. if i vote, would i made the right decision then? if i get married, i'm not sure i can handle those housewife responsiblity...u know cooking etc...and i can't resist those cute little stuff at lasenza girl, for the record, i just bought 5 cute rings at lasenza.

21 is a big number. 21 is just a number but for me, 21 is sumthin that i imagine when i was 12 years old. i thought wat would i be when i turn far have i gone by that number and how well life had tought me to be a good person. i dunno....i dun have the answer yet, maybe i will one day huh.

peace brother!

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