Friday, January 30, 2004


trianax+listens=Sigur Ros:Svefn-G-Englar
trianax+feeling=not well

i'm still freezing like snow queen. except that snow queen can always handle this situation because she lives in an ice cold place. i live in kuala lumpur where the weather always warm and nice.but lately it's been rainin all day long and i couldn't stand it. my spine is hurt..maybe its the wind which had been caused by this weather.
i had to ask my bro to send me my sweater.well, he grumbled though.

at last,i managed to finish up my PHP work on time.
i'm a gud girl!
nuthin much for today....had nasi for lunch.owh, and got drivin class this evening lah...i almost forgot.
the JPJ test had been postponed to 9th Feb and i'm still not sure if i can make it or not. i mean, i can move the wheel, but the hill part is complicated...finger cross,still.

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