Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My Silly Crush

lately i got a guy i crush on....his name if i'm not mistaken is zulfaka or wat i called him as dia. his tall, cute and cute.
everytime i saw him, my heart pounding. everytime i saw him smile, i felt dizzy..and when i didn't see him, i felt i'm not complete.
can i just go straight at him and cuddled him like my pillow back in my room?
or maybe i have to start with a smile,proceed with "hey" then go on with "goin to class?" and invite him for a lunch...a mutual fren gave me that idea.
but i'm too scared to do all that,sure, they might sound easy but not for me.

if only i can do sumthin simple to get me in his mind.
life can be so unpredictable huh...
one moment u think that guy had a thing for u and then suddenly u wake up from ur dream just to learn that it's not true.

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