Friday, January 30, 2004

trianax+listens=Avril Lavigne:Complicated
trianax+feeling=not well

it's 25 degrees outside and i'm gettin cold inside the office. the aircond is too cold and i dun feel well today.
got flu, my hands are frezing and my nose is runny.
how on earth kak lub can stand this condition?
my legs are gettin cramp...gosh...i need a nice hot bath rite now. or just throw me in warm and thick blankets.

sally's presentation is today and she has to go to PJ to do it.

i went to Tang's closing down sale yesterday and i got few items to take home. pretty cheap. got cute little pink bag,some Island Shop stuff.
there's sum renoma shoes on sale to, at bout 30-100 bucks per pair. and my sis went nuts bout it, she was like running to the renoma's corner and scream "where's the 30 bucks me dammit!!!!"
her obsession towards renoma started when she won herself a 150 bucks voucher. and guess wat she bought with dat voucher...a black stiletto! like she ever gonna wear it to the if!
and now, the stiletto's restin rite under her bed.

so,neweyz...i got to finish up my PHP work.
and it's still damn freezing here.

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