Thursday, January 29, 2004

trianax+listens=Sigur Ros:Agaetis Byrjun
trianax+feeling=ordinary feeling

today...well,well...wat can i say bout today.
zunu's lecturer came and she had to present her project...she did it well. bravo!

sally in the other hand was a bit tension because her lecturer didn't show his face at all..and now it's already 4.40pm. i dun think he ever gonna come today. poor sally. she had all prepared but too bad he's not coming. maybe sum miscommunication perhaps.
and zita quiet relax for today because her lecturer adjurn their scheduele for the presentation to next week,well, thanx to izman (i guess) who dun show up for the past few days.


as for warey, as usual, he skip the day off.i dunno wat is actually wrong wit dat guy...sumtimes he came to office early in the mornin and dissapear during 10am and above. despite of all the things, he actually finish his work up on time...

and reza... wat can i say bout him today..maybe his not himself for today, a bit hyper....jumpin all around and laugh on serious matters...hahahahha....i do think (on my humble opinion) that he's lack of caffeine. well, he didn't take his breakfast and skip his lunch. usually he had coffee (hot or cold) during both times. and i know caffeine would make ppl get hyper actually, but, in this case, his actually addicted to it and maybe the method kinda vice versa wit his body system. i dunno...that's wat i think.

and for kak lup, she's gettin better than yesterday. she couldn't take any kind of pills for her headache though.

and me...i'm xcited wit my brand new pc. :)
i'm a lucky girl alive!!!!!

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