Saturday, February 28, 2004

trianax+listen=Black Eyed Peas:Shut Up
trianax+feeling=craving for money!

this is the my third vector art.

today i'm goin out wit loop for the mega sale....we just luv sales!
we adore sales!

anyway, i miss my girls so much. haven't seen them for about a year or so...where are u guys? fatiyah is already engage and so i heard. ira is almost finishing her study..uh, she called me the other day...asking how was my date with him. i said it was okay.i can't remember since when i knew ira but she just the best fren a girl could ever ask for.
she was there for me when i was in a very messy condition.we were together in primary school, high school and until now we still called up each other just to say hey...she came over to my house and we have a little chat. i just luv her!

fiza, shah, deej, A.J, ayu, zimah (just to name a few).miss them so much.
but there's a fren of mine that i haven't heard for so news or watsoever...where the heck are u nena? i heard that she already got married...well, that's wat they said..

but of all my frens, there's this guy that i can't seem to forget. although we broke up in a really harsh way and it really teared me down. i just wanna know where is he at the moment...wat he's being up is he doin...i just wanna know. is he dating anyone...and most of all i just wanna know if he ever remember me at all, in any way. pathetic am i? see, i'm just melancholy in a way...maybe until i find a new guy, he would just stay a part of me. urghhh....i'm so pathetic. *looking down*
like wat my cous would say,"chill out"

and if i could be who you wanted,if i could be who you wanted all the time

Friday, February 27, 2004

trianax+listen=Elvis Costello:I Never Fall in Luv Again
trianax+feeling=not well, coughing all day long.

i just can't believe it that no one is at the office today except for kak lub and is tremendously horrendous!
Warey and izman were here but warey disappear before lunch and the latter a few minutes after that. and it's pretty much boring with nuthing to do..thank gudness that the internet is workin...

aishah was on line and we has been a while since i've seen her around. it's gud to see her. she said she just watch romeo and juliet and she know why i luv the movie so much...she said there just sumthin about it....i said that i'm a melancholy person myself but she said that maybe i am also a sanguine person ...she said that i'm a cheerful fella and i think maybe it's true...
but i was a melancholy person, i used to be that when that sad chapter of my life took over, but years past by and i managed to create a smile...i learn a lot and i just have to deal with things.

*smile upon the bright light in the office*
trianax+listen=The Crystal Method:Born Too Slow
trianax+feeling=dissapointed because i can't sneeze...feel like i'm gonna sneeze but i can't..darn!

i woke up at 9.15 this morning. me and kak lup had planned it last night that we only be in the office at 10. and we did.
i still feel that i had a fever, my body is a bit warm. i swallowed 2 capsules of panadol this morning and i think i'll just stick with it until i feel i really have to see my doctor.
lately i've been hoping into other people's blog site and i think that theirs are so cool and it makes me change mine three times in a row. first, it was a dark kinda gothic theme (blue,black,white) then after that was a kinda girlish and pinkish theme and now it's silver based color. *sigh*

anyways, yesterday, finally, i managed to force my a** to sit in front of the tv for the 8tv's the office.maybe just because david had fool himself in front of his colleague...wat a laugh i had...last night episode which was also the first episode for the second season showed the new boss arrival and they had this little welcome party at the office for the new boss. and david made these stupid jokes that no one laugh...and so, he did other jokes that had caught him in trouble. i laugh like i would blow my stomach! i never watched the office was tremendously hillarious!

and after that, my all time fave 2D cartoon, i know Katey Sagal is the voice of Leela who happen to be the mother in 8 Simple Rules....i recognise the tone in 8 Simple Rules...
anyway, i have to watch The OC this weekend..a fren of mine wrote in his "temporary" blog that The OC resembled his family esp him and his bro...and Sal from also said that The OC is great. i really gotta watch it,this weekend.

so, is it really me on coincidence watching 8tv's programmes or it's just 8tv is so cool and happening in town? but nomatter what i just love 8tv! 8tv is the bomb!

i'll write sum more later...waiting for izman to scan the pictures that i'm gonna put in this blog.
in the meantime, enjoy your life while it still last!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

trianax+listen=Alanis M:Joining You

last night my head ache,sakit woo...hangovers...i took 2 capsules of panadols. still when i wake up this morning, my head is still heavy as it was last night.
after breakfast today, i took another 2 capsules...and now i'm feeling sleepy.and it's gettin ok...but my nose is runny pulak and i was almost resting my head at my desk when shafiee came to my desk. sibuk je. nak suruh kitorang buat keje.... i mean, when it come to me and my flu, pls pls pls, dun ever disturb us. and i really mean it.

wary got a new pc today just because en asri want his cpu....i dun know why..cause at the moment i dun care. it's just bout me and my runny nose.
i've told nanim bout my date wit saari, finally. she was cool...nuthin like "what?! u actually went on a date wit him??wat were u thinking?!!!" :)
i dun wan to tell everyone bout it but by posting it in this blog means i actually tell everybody,rite? *confuse*

anyways, he was okay.
we ate lunch and buy sum of his computer stuff. then, i told him that i have to go for my driving class when actually i dun. hahhaha...hey, dun blame me..i was having a massive headache and i dun wanna cancel the date for the third time. so, a girl had to do wat she had to do
move on...
my x-classmate got engage last weekend. i dun know wat she's thinking but wat the heck???! i mean engage? ring? a wedding soon? 20? absolutely a big no no for me... :p
anyhow, it's her body...her soul..and her life...if i can't care enough, then i have to deal with it.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

bikini woman

trianax+listen=Sigur Ros:Svefn-G-Englar

so, this is my second attempt doing a vector art.
pretty hard though....full concentration needed.

i'm tryin to make them look better lah.

neweyz, just got back from visitin nisha at ampang puteri. she got a bit teruk when we arrived but ok later.
the family was there, abby was there too and so did ady.

zunu bought us lunch today...KFC.
a farewell treat.

art vector attack 2!!!

trianax+listens=Dido:Life For Rent

hey..i'm doin another art vector at the moment...
not done yet..just takin a few min to chill neck hurts.
got headache....arrghhh
but i've to finish the vector thing first..
yesterday i drove to JJ. it was okay. i drove to ampang. but not in town yet..klcc area..

zunu and sally are leaving today. their last day as a practical student. no doubt that sally will be here often after this. :)
we took pictures yesterday, the day before and the next day before that.
just for memorable sake...and maybe friendship thing.

izman taught me few things bout to do pattern. that was cool.

btw, nisha is in the hospital..due to her asthma attack .
she's in ampang puteri this morning. at 4 or so.
we're goin to visit her afterwards. poor girl.

so, i'll be back, wit my new art vector.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

aMy LeE- vector art 1

so, wat u think of my first attempt?
isn't it sumthin cool?

vector art attack!

trianax+feeling=sleepy (i've not enough sleep)

hey ya'll! reza just taught me how to make a vector art and i think it's cool. i mean u can use ur imagination on it, that's not mean that the artwork itself is not using imagination and creativity, but wit vector art, it's more unique as it will turn the pic into sum kind of cartoon/comic style or sumthin.
at the moment i'm tryin to do that on amy lee's face...she got a beautiful feature so i decided to try on her. i tried on joshy's but his face was very much complicated as he got small eyes and all.
so, new progress on my photoshop thing is the vector art lah.
actually i saw it first at, which happen to be reza's sister's fren blog.
they were nice..i mean the vector art thing. she made it on harry potter's characters and sum on jennifer garner. maybe u should check out the blog.

so, it have been 2 days since we didn't get to connect to the internet.
they fix it just now and it's okay now.
life is pretty much boring without the internet.
i mean whoever think of creating the internet (for any purpose) at the first place is totally a mad genious.
it's not that i 've no life to live on,it's just that internet is another alternative of entertainment.

i'll post the vector art very soon.

obsolete=not useful anymore
monotonous=stayin the same and not changin/boring

Monday, February 16, 2004

trianax+feeling=gloomy(just bkoz the song is so sad....*tears*)

t's already 3pm and the internet connection here just got fix by that internet man...and so i guess that's the name :p

neweyz, i had to do this tons of PHP work like i said the other day. dah siap 2. 3 more to go...
vanilla coke is yummy. can't resist it esp when it's cool.
pakcik zainal gave each one of us here a strawberry key-chain. cute...maybe he just wanna be nice to us. the guys said that he got other intention which i'm nearly buy it..but his okay i guess..he bought us lunch the other day...2 times.

sally and zunu finish their practical this thursday. just as i got to know sally more closer, she's already goin. just like miss daisy. she was nice. she gave me gud advises...she just cool.

the flash drive i bought was fine. it was great to keep mp3s and stuff.

constantly ignoring,the pain consuming me,but this time it's cut too deep,i'll never stray again.

Saturday, February 14, 2004


trianax+feeling=incredibly happy!!!

the reason i'm happy today is bkoz last nite...last nite i went to low yat and bought myself a flash drive.
it's black and slim and transparent and cute and cool...128mg at 145 bucks. quite cheap.
bought it at sri fren there one...actually 4...she gave me special price.
so, i can go anywhere wit this thing.

last nite my toe didn't itchy at all. got a nice sleep.
but it's itching back this mornin.

i sent mi hermana to skool this mornin at bout 7. yesterday me and mi hermano went to ampang area wit me drivin. he said that i'm gettin confident. like DUH!!!
last time, he said that i tak de can drivin need any talent?
now he know wit whom he's dealin wit...hahhaha.

reza gav me more php work to do.well, that is bkoz i ask from him..gatal sangat mulut...see, dah dapat banyak kerje. but still,it's a team kene tolong jugak weather i like it or not...oklah keje tu ,tak lah susah sangat,complicated nak tukar arrays jer.

it's either me got MUSE or u went BLACKOUT

Friday, February 13, 2004

trianax+listen=Flop Poppy:Aku dan Kamu

my toe is swelling,alrite. and it's itchy...i can't sleep last night bkoz of it. damn little bee!
only me and sally at the office at this moment. the rest is gone...
we had our lunch just now and i think the nasi is okay.

tomorrow is v-day and everyone around me already got wat's wit plans on v-day? screw them :p
i hate to say this but i think ppl are gettin obsess bout v-day. and it seems that luv is not real anymore on that day and so on.
i dun do v-day so i dun care bout tomorrow.
i bet the town will be full of stupid kissess and fuckin promises. and they will be girls holdin bouquet of roses looking as proud as they could be :p
nuff said.

the last time i saw luv was the day he went away

Thursday, February 12, 2004

damn little bee

trianax+feeling=incredibly bored

i've been stung by a bee last night,under my toe.
it hurts like hell. although i've never been there,yet...but it's just hurt like hell.

and now,it look like it gonna swelling in anytime.
i've to go to the office though.

neweys, it's a bit boring today..maybe bkoz wary is not here. yesterday he made us especially. he did sum mocking. stupid one yet funny.
i got stomach cramp today. damn crimson wave!
menstrual cramp is just as painful as swallowing wasabi milkshake...

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

wat a breast!
i wonder wat mama jackson had to say?

i'm having this small tiny bug bite at the bottom of my lips and it's ithcy. it's just the 5 of us today at the office. wary is sleeping at sally's desk, dreaming bout his gf perhaps.
now his awake...oh,wait...he continue his sleeping back at his own place. :p seems a bit boring.
fadhli called just now. talking bout things. actually he is such a nice guy.

lips are turning blue, a kiss that can't renew
i only dream of you, my beautiful

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

trianax+listen=Muse:Falling Away With You
trianax+feeling=cool :)

i think i'm having a fever...coughing and all.
yesterday i went to the JPJ driving test. i pass the test. it was a wonderful feeling i had.
but before that, i got this little butterflies in stomach and my hands were cold,i was a nervous wreck.
i thought i couldn't make the hill section. but it went well.

ashraf couldn't make it actually but the tester was cool...he let him through. and so did fadhli.
so anyways, got job to do rite now..i'll continue later.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

mi amigos

trianax+listen=Evanescence:Forever Gone Forever You

this is sum of my frens at college. they're great, different personality though.
hope that we're still contacting each other after we got our diplomas.

everyone is here today except for zunu.
wary is here. doing php! gud progress.


Thursday, February 05, 2004

trianax+listen=Flop Poppy:Masih

i'm hungry..haven't take my breakfast,it's almost lunch anyways..
i'm goin out wit abby today, she's here at the office wit us. she's a nice girl, very sweet.
why i'm talkin bout her?

neweys, i saw dia at college this morning.
i smile at him and he kinda smile back! i was in the elevator for god's sake and he was outside.
sweet smile, nice one, the one that u'll only get when u like sumone :)

so, i'm gonna take MUET this april....uh, and i just join friendster...i have no idea that it has so much fun. ita urged me to join before but i thought it was sumthin useless.
azim still in london, comin home this july for his holiday.
did i mentioned nicky's a prefect now? i just couldn't believe that my once cute little baby brother is now in standard 3 and a prefect.
his movie comin out soon. i wonder wat he looks like on big screen :)

so,adios for now, i'm gonna get ice cream afterward...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

trianax+listen=Muse:Time Is Running Out

i went back to my dad's hometown in kajang last sunday...celebrating the aidiladha.
met my long lost cousins,aunts etc. my grandma was there as well.
as i entered the house (my aunt house) another aunt whom i called mak lang introduced me to her cousins, i think. i was walkin and she was "ni lah anak abang dan". n i had to smile n salam, if not they might say i'm rude. then, as i was talkin to a cousin, another relative arrive and i'd been introduced just as the first one.
when we went to my late grandpa's sister house,they asked our mothers who were we (me n my cousins lah)then, each mother said "ni anak gee, tu anak ena ...." but before my mom could say a word, i said "anak hamdan"..khakhkahkahkh :)
my sis laugh out as she could roll on the floor.

it's like every balik kampung time, every eldest relatives would ask who were we even if we've been introduced's like it's slip out of their mind or sumthin.
so, anyways, i had a great aidiladha. found out that my cous learn to play the guitar and listen to Muse as well. we just need a drummer so that we can form a band called The Rock Chicks :P
and another cous had gone through her puberty. and i found out that the other cous whom currently study in London had a part time job at the arsenal stadium...that way, he dun have to pay 30 bucks to watch football. :)

so, as time went by on sunday evening, we went home.
while waiting for my mom to finish up chatting wit my aunts, i sat on the swing wit my wan (granny).
we just sat there and talk .
it was a perfect evening to end up wit.