Thursday, February 19, 2004

art vector attack 2!!!

trianax+listens=Dido:Life For Rent

hey..i'm doin another art vector at the moment...
not done yet..just takin a few min to chill neck hurts.
got headache....arrghhh
but i've to finish the vector thing first..
yesterday i drove to JJ. it was okay. i drove to ampang. but not in town yet..klcc area..

zunu and sally are leaving today. their last day as a practical student. no doubt that sally will be here often after this. :)
we took pictures yesterday, the day before and the next day before that.
just for memorable sake...and maybe friendship thing.

izman taught me few things bout to do pattern. that was cool.

btw, nisha is in the hospital..due to her asthma attack .
she's in ampang puteri this morning. at 4 or so.
we're goin to visit her afterwards. poor girl.

so, i'll be back, wit my new art vector.

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