Saturday, February 14, 2004


trianax+feeling=incredibly happy!!!

the reason i'm happy today is bkoz last nite...last nite i went to low yat and bought myself a flash drive.
it's black and slim and transparent and cute and cool...128mg at 145 bucks. quite cheap.
bought it at sri fren there one...actually 4...she gave me special price.
so, i can go anywhere wit this thing.

last nite my toe didn't itchy at all. got a nice sleep.
but it's itching back this mornin.

i sent mi hermana to skool this mornin at bout 7. yesterday me and mi hermano went to ampang area wit me drivin. he said that i'm gettin confident. like DUH!!!
last time, he said that i tak de can drivin need any talent?
now he know wit whom he's dealin wit...hahhaha.

reza gav me more php work to do.well, that is bkoz i ask from him..gatal sangat mulut...see, dah dapat banyak kerje. but still,it's a team kene tolong jugak weather i like it or not...oklah keje tu ,tak lah susah sangat,complicated nak tukar arrays jer.

it's either me got MUSE or u went BLACKOUT

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