Tuesday, February 24, 2004

trianax+listen=Alanis M:Joining You

last night my head ache,sakit woo...hangovers...i took 2 capsules of panadols. still when i wake up this morning, my head is still heavy as it was last night.
after breakfast today, i took another 2 capsules...and now i'm feeling sleepy.and it's gettin ok...but my nose is runny pulak and i was almost resting my head at my desk when shafiee came to my desk. sibuk je. nak suruh kitorang buat keje.... i mean, when it come to me and my flu, pls pls pls, dun ever disturb us. and i really mean it.

wary got a new pc today just because en asri want his cpu....i dun know why..cause at the moment i dun care. it's just bout me and my runny nose.
i've told nanim bout my date wit saari, finally. she was cool...nuthin like "what?! u actually went on a date wit him??wat were u thinking?!!!" :)
i dun wan to tell everyone bout it but by posting it in this blog means i actually tell everybody,rite? *confuse*

anyways, he was okay.
we ate lunch and buy sum of his computer stuff. then, i told him that i have to go for my driving class when actually i dun. hahhaha...hey, dun blame me..i was having a massive headache and i dun wanna cancel the date for the third time. so, a girl had to do wat she had to do
move on...
my x-classmate got engage last weekend. i dun know wat she's thinking but wat the heck???! i mean engage? ring? a wedding soon? 20? absolutely a big no no for me... :p
anyhow, it's her body...her soul..and her life...if i can't care enough, then i have to deal with it.

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