Saturday, February 28, 2004

trianax+listen=Black Eyed Peas:Shut Up
trianax+feeling=craving for money!

this is the my third vector art.

today i'm goin out wit loop for the mega sale....we just luv sales!
we adore sales!

anyway, i miss my girls so much. haven't seen them for about a year or so...where are u guys? fatiyah is already engage and so i heard. ira is almost finishing her study..uh, she called me the other day...asking how was my date with him. i said it was okay.i can't remember since when i knew ira but she just the best fren a girl could ever ask for.
she was there for me when i was in a very messy condition.we were together in primary school, high school and until now we still called up each other just to say hey...she came over to my house and we have a little chat. i just luv her!

fiza, shah, deej, A.J, ayu, zimah (just to name a few).miss them so much.
but there's a fren of mine that i haven't heard for so news or watsoever...where the heck are u nena? i heard that she already got married...well, that's wat they said..

but of all my frens, there's this guy that i can't seem to forget. although we broke up in a really harsh way and it really teared me down. i just wanna know where is he at the moment...wat he's being up is he doin...i just wanna know. is he dating anyone...and most of all i just wanna know if he ever remember me at all, in any way. pathetic am i? see, i'm just melancholy in a way...maybe until i find a new guy, he would just stay a part of me. urghhh....i'm so pathetic. *looking down*
like wat my cous would say,"chill out"

and if i could be who you wanted,if i could be who you wanted all the time

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