Friday, February 27, 2004

trianax+listen=Elvis Costello:I Never Fall in Luv Again
trianax+feeling=not well, coughing all day long.

i just can't believe it that no one is at the office today except for kak lub and is tremendously horrendous!
Warey and izman were here but warey disappear before lunch and the latter a few minutes after that. and it's pretty much boring with nuthing to do..thank gudness that the internet is workin...

aishah was on line and we has been a while since i've seen her around. it's gud to see her. she said she just watch romeo and juliet and she know why i luv the movie so much...she said there just sumthin about it....i said that i'm a melancholy person myself but she said that maybe i am also a sanguine person ...she said that i'm a cheerful fella and i think maybe it's true...
but i was a melancholy person, i used to be that when that sad chapter of my life took over, but years past by and i managed to create a smile...i learn a lot and i just have to deal with things.

*smile upon the bright light in the office*

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