Monday, February 16, 2004

trianax+feeling=gloomy(just bkoz the song is so sad....*tears*)

t's already 3pm and the internet connection here just got fix by that internet man...and so i guess that's the name :p

neweyz, i had to do this tons of PHP work like i said the other day. dah siap 2. 3 more to go...
vanilla coke is yummy. can't resist it esp when it's cool.
pakcik zainal gave each one of us here a strawberry key-chain. cute...maybe he just wanna be nice to us. the guys said that he got other intention which i'm nearly buy it..but his okay i guess..he bought us lunch the other day...2 times.

sally and zunu finish their practical this thursday. just as i got to know sally more closer, she's already goin. just like miss daisy. she was nice. she gave me gud advises...she just cool.

the flash drive i bought was fine. it was great to keep mp3s and stuff.

constantly ignoring,the pain consuming me,but this time it's cut too deep,i'll never stray again.

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