Friday, February 13, 2004

trianax+listen=Flop Poppy:Aku dan Kamu

my toe is swelling,alrite. and it's itchy...i can't sleep last night bkoz of it. damn little bee!
only me and sally at the office at this moment. the rest is gone...
we had our lunch just now and i think the nasi is okay.

tomorrow is v-day and everyone around me already got wat's wit plans on v-day? screw them :p
i hate to say this but i think ppl are gettin obsess bout v-day. and it seems that luv is not real anymore on that day and so on.
i dun do v-day so i dun care bout tomorrow.
i bet the town will be full of stupid kissess and fuckin promises. and they will be girls holdin bouquet of roses looking as proud as they could be :p
nuff said.

the last time i saw luv was the day he went away

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