Thursday, February 05, 2004

trianax+listen=Flop Poppy:Masih

i'm hungry..haven't take my breakfast,it's almost lunch anyways..
i'm goin out wit abby today, she's here at the office wit us. she's a nice girl, very sweet.
why i'm talkin bout her?

neweys, i saw dia at college this morning.
i smile at him and he kinda smile back! i was in the elevator for god's sake and he was outside.
sweet smile, nice one, the one that u'll only get when u like sumone :)

so, i'm gonna take MUET this april....uh, and i just join friendster...i have no idea that it has so much fun. ita urged me to join before but i thought it was sumthin useless.
azim still in london, comin home this july for his holiday.
did i mentioned nicky's a prefect now? i just couldn't believe that my once cute little baby brother is now in standard 3 and a prefect.
his movie comin out soon. i wonder wat he looks like on big screen :)

so,adios for now, i'm gonna get ice cream afterward...

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