Wednesday, February 04, 2004

trianax+listen=Muse:Time Is Running Out

i went back to my dad's hometown in kajang last sunday...celebrating the aidiladha.
met my long lost cousins,aunts etc. my grandma was there as well.
as i entered the house (my aunt house) another aunt whom i called mak lang introduced me to her cousins, i think. i was walkin and she was "ni lah anak abang dan". n i had to smile n salam, if not they might say i'm rude. then, as i was talkin to a cousin, another relative arrive and i'd been introduced just as the first one.
when we went to my late grandpa's sister house,they asked our mothers who were we (me n my cousins lah)then, each mother said "ni anak gee, tu anak ena ...." but before my mom could say a word, i said "anak hamdan"..khakhkahkahkh :)
my sis laugh out as she could roll on the floor.

it's like every balik kampung time, every eldest relatives would ask who were we even if we've been introduced's like it's slip out of their mind or sumthin.
so, anyways, i had a great aidiladha. found out that my cous learn to play the guitar and listen to Muse as well. we just need a drummer so that we can form a band called The Rock Chicks :P
and another cous had gone through her puberty. and i found out that the other cous whom currently study in London had a part time job at the arsenal stadium...that way, he dun have to pay 30 bucks to watch football. :)

so, as time went by on sunday evening, we went home.
while waiting for my mom to finish up chatting wit my aunts, i sat on the swing wit my wan (granny).
we just sat there and talk .
it was a perfect evening to end up wit.

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