Friday, February 27, 2004

trianax+listen=The Crystal Method:Born Too Slow
trianax+feeling=dissapointed because i can't sneeze...feel like i'm gonna sneeze but i can't..darn!

i woke up at 9.15 this morning. me and kak lup had planned it last night that we only be in the office at 10. and we did.
i still feel that i had a fever, my body is a bit warm. i swallowed 2 capsules of panadol this morning and i think i'll just stick with it until i feel i really have to see my doctor.
lately i've been hoping into other people's blog site and i think that theirs are so cool and it makes me change mine three times in a row. first, it was a dark kinda gothic theme (blue,black,white) then after that was a kinda girlish and pinkish theme and now it's silver based color. *sigh*

anyways, yesterday, finally, i managed to force my a** to sit in front of the tv for the 8tv's the office.maybe just because david had fool himself in front of his colleague...wat a laugh i had...last night episode which was also the first episode for the second season showed the new boss arrival and they had this little welcome party at the office for the new boss. and david made these stupid jokes that no one laugh...and so, he did other jokes that had caught him in trouble. i laugh like i would blow my stomach! i never watched the office was tremendously hillarious!

and after that, my all time fave 2D cartoon, i know Katey Sagal is the voice of Leela who happen to be the mother in 8 Simple Rules....i recognise the tone in 8 Simple Rules...
anyway, i have to watch The OC this weekend..a fren of mine wrote in his "temporary" blog that The OC resembled his family esp him and his bro...and Sal from also said that The OC is great. i really gotta watch it,this weekend.

so, is it really me on coincidence watching 8tv's programmes or it's just 8tv is so cool and happening in town? but nomatter what i just love 8tv! 8tv is the bomb!

i'll write sum more later...waiting for izman to scan the pictures that i'm gonna put in this blog.
in the meantime, enjoy your life while it still last!

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