Wednesday, February 18, 2004

vector art attack!

trianax+feeling=sleepy (i've not enough sleep)

hey ya'll! reza just taught me how to make a vector art and i think it's cool. i mean u can use ur imagination on it, that's not mean that the artwork itself is not using imagination and creativity, but wit vector art, it's more unique as it will turn the pic into sum kind of cartoon/comic style or sumthin.
at the moment i'm tryin to do that on amy lee's face...she got a beautiful feature so i decided to try on her. i tried on joshy's but his face was very much complicated as he got small eyes and all.
so, new progress on my photoshop thing is the vector art lah.
actually i saw it first at, which happen to be reza's sister's fren blog.
they were nice..i mean the vector art thing. she made it on harry potter's characters and sum on jennifer garner. maybe u should check out the blog.

so, it have been 2 days since we didn't get to connect to the internet.
they fix it just now and it's okay now.
life is pretty much boring without the internet.
i mean whoever think of creating the internet (for any purpose) at the first place is totally a mad genious.
it's not that i 've no life to live on,it's just that internet is another alternative of entertainment.

i'll post the vector art very soon.

obsolete=not useful anymore
monotonous=stayin the same and not changin/boring

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