Wednesday, March 10, 2004

hafiz amran passed away last night. he was in icu,coma...
hit and run accident...everyone misses him so much, my sis said he was funny, always the one wit witty jokes, another fren said the one that he skipped classes with...

wen frens died, they'll be miss, they'll stay in our memories as our life has to go on.that's why there's a say said that dun take advantage on ur u might not know wen u gonna lose them. so far, i've no experience of having sumone close to me sis in the other hand had. last year, 2 of her frens of them was the one she describe as best fren. he was young, he was full of energy..he made my sis happy and he made her cried too...i used to hate him but not anymore...i regretted that i refused to get to know him as he was.
now dat he's gone, we went to his grave once in a while...sayin prayers for him and stuff.

i dunno wat i'm gonna do if i had to face such sis is a rebellious, she can be so stubborn at times..but the day arwah raimy past away, she stumbled and broke down.

look out the stars, they shining down for you

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