Friday, March 26, 2004

one week more...
and i'm leaving the office :)
i'm leaving the title as a college student :(
and i'm leaving the college *unsure*
and i would be on my way to hold on a diploma in computer science :D
been planning out for things ahead...wanna continue my study in degree and do a major..hiramman said that i should continue my studies in computer stuff and mama suggest that too..

but i'm not goin to spent another 3 years or so with coding and stuff..that stuff just not meant for me.
so, i was thinkin to take creative multimedia..that's the only way for me to stay put in this so called IT, settle....but got one big problem, wat i'm gonna do in the meantime..the intake would only be next year on March, which mean i hav a year doin nuthin..
dun wanna work as a programmer...

then,this monin my problem solve again...there's an ad in the star, looking for sub-editors.
but another problem arise, the sub-editors would have to work at their HQ in peejay..mama wouldn't let me go that far..arghhh..i'm sick and tired actually,thinkin the whole thing.

maybe i can act dat i just dun care XD ...i'm gonna try to apply for the job first, see if i got it and if i do, i'm gonna rebel my way to peejay.
terrina once said,grab any chance in front of me as i'm not studyin in mass com watsoever. so, i guess this is the time..
bulk on my seat belt and here i come.

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