Monday, March 15, 2004

so, yesterday i had foot cramped....just bkoz i walked at the mall non stop. went out wit nanim and aira and we did those gurls thing..ya'know, the shopping thing etc. after that, my mom asked me to company her to megamall...i just can't say no. and when i got home, i was tired...the shoe that i just bought from vincci was a waste. it cost me half the usual price but i just can't seem to walk in it all day long. so, i was thinkin to sell it to anyone. anyone?

i only wore it once....yesterday, as soon as i pay for it.
*crossing fingers*
*pls,buy..i'll give gud price*
*shoe description=size 7, style:pointed shoe with a cute ribbon on top, no heels, nude color*


)(#&%($&#%($#*^)#$^*)#$*)@#&)(@#&%)&%)#@&%)#*%)#@*%)#@*%)#@*%)#@%*)$%&$(^&# (been edited for personal reason)

if my sistah ever read this, she would go knockin on my head says "why u still thinkin bout that jerk?!"
i guess this is the melancholy side of me...always holdin to the past...always thinkin that my past is all that i have. amy said that everyone has their own sad stories and i guess she's right. she's absolutely right.
nuff said.

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