Monday, March 08, 2004

yesterday we had bday lunch...abby baked a cake and we ate lunch at klcc. haikal was even sis was there too. the cake was nice. i got bday presents...and they are cool. abby gav me this so called my style ring and bracelet and lyd gav me a pink butterfly pouch..and nisha got me flower. i had so much fun.
it was ijoy,me and lyd's bday lunch...although mine is not yet until april, well, it was perfect.
but that doesn't mean that i'm not goin to have a bday party on that day...we'll see.

so, i bought a book yesterday at kinokuniya...nineteen...a collaboration of women writer in asia. so far so gud.

the SAB carnival was ok. nanim incharge with the rumah hantu..i brought the kids along..but we only had half an hour there bkoz after that the whole family had to go to melaka for an engagement ceremony. it was boring i tell ya...

and right now i'm havin this sakit kaki and i tell ya it is so sakit one...
till then....all the best to all of u.

p/s:well, actually i wanted to put more pix but there's sumthin wrong wit geocities at the moment...
so, it'll be next time

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