Tuesday, April 06, 2004

last nite i had a high fever..i was shaking and it was really cold..i had to put on a sweater and 2 sheets of blanket...woke up at 11 and i swallowed 2 panadols...awake again at 2 in the morning...couldn't sleep bkoz my body was really panas i tell ya..then sleep again, and woke up again at 3.15 till 3.30...i swallowed sum more panadols...dunno how many were there...i just had to go to sleep and i did.
woke up again at 6 sumthin and i found myself sweating...like i just took a shower or sumthin..but the fever gone.still, i felt a bit dizzy..and now i feel like the fever gonna attack me sum more.

was plan to donate my blood at SAB this monin but the fever pull me off, plus, mi mama and mi hermano asked me not to..sayin things that scares me...sayin dat the needle is not clean..yadda..yadda..bla bla bla...and shit.
so, i decided not to..wat a cowerd!

still goin to the office, had to finish up the report...maybe until tomorrow.
not planning anything yet...i just want to see wat faith will bring me...malas sum more!

the kids at college are havin a blastful semester break..2 months break!!
feel a bit solemn bkoz that is how long i'm not gonna be able to see that dude who steal my heart away.sumtimes, when i think bout it sum more, i found myself in a place called the "pathetic zone"..i am so pathetic that i oso found myself as imbecile as i could think of.

i feel a bit chilly rite now..maybe the fever is haunting me again.

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