Friday, April 02, 2004

so, watever comes tomorrow, i think i could go through it.
today is my last day the office..been spending my 4 months time here..practical, the system, the work, bernama...jab penerangan malaysia...frens..miss them..

my lecturers just came for the presentation.
it was like hell, wit en.rahiwan around..i mean i dun mind if he WANTED TO TAG ALONG (how pathetic is that sound), but wat's wit the attitude?? pardon me..
watever bull-shit they were yapping about this mornin, i know that we have do the best to get here today..for the presentation. although most of the work was done by reza, but we did our part..shits and stuff. i hope that count. of course it counts...rite?

ira called this mornin...we were just yappin and yappin and yappin bout ol' times..kak intan gonna be married to her fiance' this sunday. and ira told me dat she might not goin bkoz she has to baby-sit her baby cuz, bkoz her auntie was too lazy to do so..but she got paid for it lah...
we talk bout her practical work, last time, at angkasapuri and the old staff there didn't really take this new generation
ideas...they said they wanna stick the idea to kebudayaan and wonder rtm is so lame, like "hell-o!", "wake up and smell the coffee!!!"
so, she said she dun wanna work as a graphic designer...too bad..i wish i have a diploma in it so dat i could start my work as a graphic designer soon. all this while i thought she enjoyed studyin in that field...she's an excellent artist i tell ya..her drawings are gud.
we talked about an hour or so...glad that she called...i jes miss her i guess.

*my only luv sprung from my only hate, too early seen unknown and known too late*

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