Monday, April 12, 2004

so....i'm 21...
too bad that i dun feel well on that day but i still went out to celebrate it anyway.
it's weird that when i was at home, i got lots of this shit on my mind that i wanna say out loud here but now when i'm in front of this pc, those things gone...and now i'm lost wit words.
i swear that i wanna tell sum thing to u guys...

anyways, i am still searching for jobs...esp if they are in the writing field...i sent in my resume to the star but no replies watsoever...and there's a job for news presenter at ntv7 and i thought of applying for that but thinkin back that the place is like so far away from kl and that mama might not let me drive there alone, i hold again my dream.
besides, i dun think i'm in the right place and at the right time and at the right age....i'm still young and those news presenters are like in their late 20's or maybe 30 and above...

i've talked to dikna and she told me a bit or two bout this guy that i like.
the digit that i had is his.....and i know his other nick name..and i know his full name....gosh, so i sound like a stalker sumtime? n i hav this massive idea that i wud call him up and tell him that i wanna be fren but when i think it back alone, that might sound a bit scary...i dunno....arrrghhhhh...this is hard...when does being fren is hard?? tell me....i remember back in kindergarten, it was so easy making frens....and now it's like hell, esp if that person u wanna be fren wit is in the opposite sex.

anyways, being 21 is not that bad...i still can get up late from bed on weekends and i still can tease my little bro...and i still can be lazy at cooking and i jes still can do stuff that i did before i turned 21.
that's cool!

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