Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I notice that I curse a lot here. nuff said.

So, anyways, my weekend was bloody boring. Saturday was yawning day and Sunday was even worse. Only during 3 pm or so, I manage to sit myself in front of the pc and watched Blow Dry. I’m not the vcd type person. I only watched movies at the cinema and that just it. I dun repeat it at home. So, it was interesting…Blow Dry I mean.

One more thing….I oso dun scribble all things here,so for that, to sum particular ppl out there, dun ever think that you know me well eh! Well, actually, I set up this blog for my eyes and those unknown cyber geekers out there only…it was an accident when that bloody reza got to know it (yeah..yeah..i said u bloody mate…not that I mean it but I just luv the word…bloody. U not mad eh?) I dun know how he got the add. And I said, “uh well..what the heck” so, wat to do?

To quote from B: you luv to seek challenge and you see getting to know that person is a challenge. I gez she’s absolutely damn right. Well, as for a starter, I flirt all the time. Jes this morning, I flirt with that cute guy at the nasi lemak stall…I found it fun and I think flirting is healthy.

So, anyways, where was I? yeah…that quote…so, in the meantime, it’s like for the past few months, I’ve been flirting with this guy at college. The thing is, I went to college wit sum frens the other week and he was there and we were in the library and he was a few tables away opposites mine and we were like flirting wit each other. It was gud. And last nite, I saw him again.

and now, i'm like waiting for the mega sale....where the heck is it???

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