Wednesday, May 05, 2004

so, jes finish the speaking-muet. it went ok lah...wary did well too and lin too..i mean although they dun really talk english, but they did their best.and that's wat that count ite?

neweys, been tryin to rite shit in here but i was not in the mood. i had to finish up nicky's folio and it took me a lot of time. i mean how can 8 years old skool boy done was a hell.

i'm in college lab at the about 6 more minutes before they close up for lunch.darn! gonna leave college forever soon. i saw him the cafeteria, the lab, the library, the class, the hall, the office. it was sumthin that i couldn't forget. i saw my crush...and now we are like frens. isn't it amazing. a high achievement i might say. :)

met ita and elly last week at rumah wan. talk a lot. ita dah jadi IT girl. she spent hours on the phone wit me jes to ask things..on how to edit her blog. it was fun actually doin that. she's a fast learner. maybe we'll meet again during raya....

so, my time is up...that brother wanna throw me out..macam lab bapak dia..berlagak sungguh!

.Libras.A Perfect Circle.

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