Wednesday, May 26, 2004

well, blogspot cool!!!
the layout and skin dah tukar...impressing...kan ita kan...kan aishah kan....

So, the reason I didn’t write in for such a freakin long time is bkoz, I went for a part time job at Menara TA near KLCC. Maksu work there so it’s easy for me to get in. it was less than 2 weeks job and who cares…as long as I made money through the whole week. The job was nuthin, I had to put newsletter and point statement and booklet or they called it as diaries, etc, in an envelope and that’s it.

And now I’m back doin nuthin, except picking up my siblings from skools and so on.

i’ve been talking to maksu’s friend and if possible he’s gonna help me to get another part time job there. And if I didn’t make it, maybe I’m gonna try at abby’s place. I just want a stupid and simple job just for the sake of pocket money before I further my study in December.

Well, yeah..babah give me back my weekly allowance but I just wanna work my butt out. I want to earn money. So, I really appreacite it if u guys can recommend me to any place in KL that can help me to do so.

Btw, have u guys listen to Miyavi? He’s a Japanese singer…a rock singer…his song called Onpu No Tegami is like The Reason for Hoobastank. Try to listen to it.

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