Sunday, June 06, 2004

hahhahhah...i have to laugh first before i type it down... goes.
skrang ni i got a part time job at TNS with ira.mcm aritu, part time jugak,but for two weeks only,but this one part timer as data entry clerk.

so,the story is like this,maser buat part time yg first tu, i notice there's this cute guy working there as well.ira knew it too and she said go talk to him.i said laterlah.tick tock tick tock,keje dah siap and i pun tak sempat nak talk to him.

so,i was like, "alah,kalau ader rezeki i'm gonna see him jugak".and i was rite when my maksu called me and tell me that i got the job for the data entry clerk there. so i went there on friday, last friday, my first day keje lah.but,maser tu i tak kisah pun about him, i was like,"woowwhh..susahnyer keje nie.."
i mean the data entry thing is not data entry bodoh's like, u have to be really careful with it or u'll screw it.

so, where was i?yeah...the tak kisah,i pun buat ler keje keje tu dgn kusyuk skali.i think he was around on my first day bt i tak perasan sgt. btw, maser my last day keje for that 2 weeks, he was bout to go to other,dia dah trasferlah tu.

so,yesterday, i went to office, and he arrived bout an hour later.dia dtg maybe nak tolong si zaini tu kot.i sat beside zaini and he sat beside me! i mean talk bout miracle!and he just sat there, doing his work and sumtimes talking to that zaini guy, and i asked that zaini guy things yg i tak paham,and he talked again to that zaini guy and so on. later, that ptg, he was like on his phone playing game, still sitting next to me..and suddenly he said to me,"kak,namer akak aper?" kahkahkahkahkahkhkahkahkhakhakkakhkahk...tapi maser tu i tak gelak.i was in disbelief.terribly shock! i was like "akak???"
i said,"harim"

he went,"hah, halim?"

i said,"no u deaf!!!(tak lah, i tak ckp cam tu, although i slalu nak ckp cam tu kt org yg tanyer "hah,halim?")no, it's harim.y u called me akak"

he went,"umur braper?"

i said,"21"

he went,"i'm 20"

i said,"yeah...but still, 21 is not that old"

he went,"it's still 21"

i said,"not that old!"

he went,"ok..kwn akak tu tak dtg ker? (refering tu ira)

i said,"no..dia tak der...u dun have to call me akak??"

he went,"ok..sori sori.."

and tak lamer lepas tu,i asked him,"u are 20 as in born in 84?"
he said,"yeah"

so, tu lah citernyer...but he was nice..this is like the first time i had my crush called me kakak...and since that conversation which took place yesterday, i only see him as sumone cute and nice. never again as my crush...hiihihihhi..

the end.

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