Sunday, July 25, 2004

what the tut?

it's like everyone is crazy over the so called reality tv show - akademi fantasia.
everyone expect everybody to watch it and have the same lame stupid interest as theirs. the other day, my office mate asked me which of the so called akademi student that i like. i was like "as if!"

and there was the other time when i went to great eastern mall, and i sat on a bench and there came a nenek with her cucu.she smiled at me and i smiled back and talked a bit. and then when i wanna go, i said, "makcik, saya balik dulu lah ye"
and she replied,"owh, nak tgk orang nyanyi nyanyi tu ye?"
i was like,"nyanyi nyanyi? kat maner?"
she replied,"kat tv tu...pukul 8.30 malam"
i was like,"owh..."

i mean come on lah malaysian...wake up and smell the hot coffee lah. as i can see, those so called student have no talent watsoever, they bullshit all the time, and cried when they were voted out. that was nonsense.

i did watch it the other, just to know what is actually that AF has that makes everyone go demam over it. i watch the episode where edlin (or whatever the spelling is) been voted out. she sang like euuuhhhhh...and when she's been voted out, all the so called student cried..and there this guy who was crying like a girl and his friends try to console him. and he pulled this stupid drama when edlin say ta ta at him. i mean that was bullshit.big time.

and people go crazy over this, wasting their money just to vote for those untalented so called student.

baik tengok malaysian idol lah wey!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2004


roughly, at TNS got 4 part timer from KTC....all my classmate one...but technically, it's just me....
ustad masuk kerja pagi tadi, but he had to wait until 1st august to resign at his previous work place and start working back at TNS.
lydia, she's got a permanent job at cosway..this is her last week with me at TNS
and tomorrow, shima is coming for her first day at TNS...
abb was suppose to start working too but that miang zaid prefer some perempuan as his assisstant over a guy. padan muka dia that that perempuan bertudung litup and not like he imagine with sexy body and outfit..


Cinta adalah suci lahir dari jiwa
Menikam sanubari hati dalam lara
Cinta mistik abadi ikatkan selamanya
Musim berganti hari
Wajah takkan lupa

Berukir berlari
Kemuncak destinasi murni

Kemuncak cinta

Cinta suci tak kenal harta atau rupa
Dari darjat puteri raja hingga hamba
Biar api membara jadi penghalangnya
Biar ternoktah demi keagungan cinta

Bersama berdua
Kemuncak cinta di dunia


Friday, July 16, 2004

Petty the pet

i haven't mentioned to u guys that we had a pet.
the name is petty and it's a baby turtle. nikki gave the name and we don't even know if petty is a male or 
i wanna show u how petty looks like but the blog server got jam at the, i'll show it later.


Friday, July 09, 2004

tell me why???POR QUE???!!

here is the thing...i am too lazy to update this blog's layout.i go to work at 9,went home at at least..if not it will be until 7 or 7.30...of course felt tired lah.

weekend pun sumtimes i have to go to, maner ader time..kalaulah ita membaca bende ni skrang...pls lah...mintak tolong editkan...nanti kak arim kasik credit lah..hihihh...ita punyer blog cun siut!!

so, what else is new?
hmm, azim is here for his semester break i think...enjoy your holiday cuz.and there's been so much murder cases here and there,malaysia is like not safe anymore??why ask me??ask them who did the crime.

how can i walk outside alone again?takut lah.tak pasal pasal kang kene kidnap, kalau kene kidnap jek pastu selamat alhamdulillah jugak, ni kang ader yg kene rogol, kene bunuh lagi....astaghar. mengucap banyak-banyak.can an angel protect me from those so-called-human being?

next....well, i'm goin to college this monday due to some problem arise.stupid management....stupid staff who didn't do their work at all..well, if they did, how can this problem arise...anyway, i'm looking forward to hear the explanation by those stupid management...bloody fool!!hahahhhaha...

ab,ustad,ira and aj were like,"harim, u got more job eh at your place?" i was like,"wait eh, nanti ader i tell u guys lah...patients my luv, patients...."(termasuk dialog gollum lah pulak)it's like everyone is looking for a job now, esp that we've complete our diploma....not to worry guys,if i got one, i tell u ok.

so, that guy at my work place really piss me off. he was like hovering over me with his stupid grins.i really wanna say "eat your ass up dude!" to him.maybe he was just being nice but i hate it.

be back soon.