Friday, July 09, 2004

tell me why???POR QUE???!!

here is the thing...i am too lazy to update this blog's layout.i go to work at 9,went home at at least..if not it will be until 7 or 7.30...of course felt tired lah.

weekend pun sumtimes i have to go to, maner ader time..kalaulah ita membaca bende ni skrang...pls lah...mintak tolong editkan...nanti kak arim kasik credit lah..hihihh...ita punyer blog cun siut!!

so, what else is new?
hmm, azim is here for his semester break i think...enjoy your holiday cuz.and there's been so much murder cases here and there,malaysia is like not safe anymore??why ask me??ask them who did the crime.

how can i walk outside alone again?takut lah.tak pasal pasal kang kene kidnap, kalau kene kidnap jek pastu selamat alhamdulillah jugak, ni kang ader yg kene rogol, kene bunuh lagi....astaghar. mengucap banyak-banyak.can an angel protect me from those so-called-human being?

next....well, i'm goin to college this monday due to some problem arise.stupid management....stupid staff who didn't do their work at all..well, if they did, how can this problem arise...anyway, i'm looking forward to hear the explanation by those stupid management...bloody fool!!hahahhhaha...

ab,ustad,ira and aj were like,"harim, u got more job eh at your place?" i was like,"wait eh, nanti ader i tell u guys lah...patients my luv, patients...."(termasuk dialog gollum lah pulak)it's like everyone is looking for a job now, esp that we've complete our diploma....not to worry guys,if i got one, i tell u ok.

so, that guy at my work place really piss me off. he was like hovering over me with his stupid grins.i really wanna say "eat your ass up dude!" to him.maybe he was just being nice but i hate it.

be back soon.

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