Sunday, July 25, 2004

what the tut?

it's like everyone is crazy over the so called reality tv show - akademi fantasia.
everyone expect everybody to watch it and have the same lame stupid interest as theirs. the other day, my office mate asked me which of the so called akademi student that i like. i was like "as if!"

and there was the other time when i went to great eastern mall, and i sat on a bench and there came a nenek with her cucu.she smiled at me and i smiled back and talked a bit. and then when i wanna go, i said, "makcik, saya balik dulu lah ye"
and she replied,"owh, nak tgk orang nyanyi nyanyi tu ye?"
i was like,"nyanyi nyanyi? kat maner?"
she replied,"kat tv tu...pukul 8.30 malam"
i was like,"owh..."

i mean come on lah malaysian...wake up and smell the hot coffee lah. as i can see, those so called student have no talent watsoever, they bullshit all the time, and cried when they were voted out. that was nonsense.

i did watch it the other, just to know what is actually that AF has that makes everyone go demam over it. i watch the episode where edlin (or whatever the spelling is) been voted out. she sang like euuuhhhhh...and when she's been voted out, all the so called student cried..and there this guy who was crying like a girl and his friends try to console him. and he pulled this stupid drama when edlin say ta ta at him. i mean that was bullshit.big time.

and people go crazy over this, wasting their money just to vote for those untalented so called student.

baik tengok malaysian idol lah wey!!!

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