Monday, August 30, 2004

the premiere

the premiere went well...grand,glamarous,beautiful.
it started with a small party at the petronas mpo where the host, zaini ahmad, introduced the main actors in pgl. they make their way down the stairs...and the mc announced nikki's name correctly, after pronounced wrongly pronounced it at the rehearsal.

it's like all celebraties in malaysia were there...from singers such as ning baizura,sheila majid,anuar zain (my mom said he was there, i tak nampak pun dia...darn!),vince,siti nurhaliza,sharifah aini to actors like hani mohsin, kavita sidhu, hans isaac, janet khoo to directors like u-wei, yusup aslam (hihihihihi),yuhang to designer which i only saw tom abang saufi (y tiara dun invite my mak teh eh?) to others celebraties like raja bahrin, normala samsudin, azwan and aznil and many more...

after the agung arrived, all the guests were being brought to tgv to watch the premiere. i was in hall 2 with my dad and my mom was in hall 1 with nikki and the vips.for the first time i watched a movie with siti nurhaliza! no kidding. vince even smiled at me (like i care..hihihi).

and for the second time also, i cried....yup i did...

so, the plan is to watch the movie this weekend with my cousins...
and to watch it again with my maksu.
and maybe to watch it again with friends...aiyooo...

uh, btw, check out the latest HYPE! magazine...see who's in there...hiihihihiih.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

what else?

i should have been at PWTC by now for the tribute to Kirana fashion show...i should have been at the back stage by now, helping my mak teh with her show.but i got asthma instead and chose to stay at home...
mama and nanim are there at the moment, with their designer label baju kurung.nvm...maybe there's next time for me.

i haven't study yet for my MUET this november...i got no time to do part time job has required a lot of my day time.i dun really mind because i make money from it.i'll figure out later when i'm going to study for MUET.

so, what else is new?

shaari msg me a few hours ago...asking how i'm doing and telling me to come to ira's convocation so that we can meet there...i said that i'm not promising anything but i try to come...ira is my best can i miss her convocation ceremony's on sunday.mine is not until next month...i really can't wait for it.

i met aishah ansari the other was our first time of meeting after all these years...we watched wicker park..aishah look like chinese! hihihi...she's nice....really hope to hang out with her again.

so, i'll better go to catch the malaysian idol.uh, btw, i voted for nikki and rydee....jac...well, she got lots of people to support her..she dun really need me at the moment..hihihi

Saturday, August 14, 2004

dancing queen

i just watched dari studio 1 with siti nurhaliza....
well, she's a gud singer...come with a package...anyway, i dun wanna talk bout her here...
i wanna talk bout her guitar player, sham, i think...terer giler...he played the bass for lagu 'ingin mencintai dan dicintai'.then he played the guitar kapor and he played the guitar biasa.

wahh..i mean wahh...i dunno when i'm gonna start play the guitar..

uh, btw, i have a date tomorrow!

convocation time!!!

so, went to ira's convo this evening and boy it was great...i was working actually...until 2.30pm and i took the putra and got to kl central to take the komuter and stop at serdang station...there, fathanah (or lately known as ana..hihihi) picked me up with aj and the boys in another car. so, we made our way to uitm shah alam.

we bought ira a bouquet of flowers and met her half an hour later somewhere around the big crowd...took pictures with her and the others and later saari came...actually i saw him twice while i was waiting for ira but i was like buat bodoh macam tak nampak dia...tak nak lah tegur dia

then, he came and ira said "hey, arim...saari lah"
i was like,"oh..hey...." and he was like,"hi"
and can u believe it that he asked me to take pictures with him...i was like "hell-o"..but wat the heck...ira was like "go lah..go" with that silly grin on her face while she was holding the camera...anyway, talking bout camera, naz's camera was like the one that i always wanted the whole time...he said it cost him rm1050...but it's not digital camera..i mean nowadays everyone has to go digital in order to be affective in everything u do..i'm so in luv wit his camera that i cud actually hide it somewhere while he's not watching.hihihihihih..silly me.

so, what else..i got to know that adam muhamad subarkah has a fiance'..congrats..and her name is ARIMBA!hah! why so close one?

nikki's klcc premiere is on this wednesday, 25th august.i'm gonna be there as the huh!

ana was so nice that she dropped me at midvalley after the tak jumper dia...

aj was so nice towards the boys that nice towards the boys.

ira was like so happy that she cudn't stop smiling...but i know she's tired...

p/s:i luv my frens!



i know...i know...i got lotsa things to say...but first thing first...
nikki had his live debut appearance on national tv last wednesday, on selamat pagi was him, adlin and sofea.tarmimi sigara (betul ker?) yang mengacara hari, to cut things short, after the show, sofea asked my mom if she could get a ride to anyway, so that we could drop her somewhere and she would phone her driver to pick her up...and so she did.
like the amateur driver i've always been, i missed the turn to kl and i did a big circle instead to kl.babah dah tunjuk jalan balik from angkasapuri to kl but i missed the turn, sofea said so "u missed the turn"
and i said "yeah,i did..."
it's not like i gabra ke aper ker...i was cool and steady...but mimang i fail skit bab jalan jalan, instead of sofea following us to great eastern, the clock tick fast and she had to buy cake for her daughter's bday so that her daughter could celebrate at skool, i dropped her at klcc as we were passing, there u go...kalau tak disebabkan nikki tak buat movie ni, tak adenyer kak sofea nak tumpang kitorang...hihihihi..

to aishah and anyone who is curious about nikki's promo scheduele, below is the date:
17/8/2004: International press conference at MOKL - 7.00pm till 9.00pm
18/8/2004:Guest at Selamat Pagi Malaysia - 8.30am till 9.00am
18/8/2004:Guest at Chit Chat Azwan Ali - 2.30pm till 3.00pm
25/8/2004:Premiere with Agong at TGV KLCC - 7.00pm
31/8/2004:Premiere with Sultan Johor in Johor - n/a
31/8/2004:Promotion in Melaka - n/a

so, there u go.....i'll update the dates later..... in the meantime, say this out loud "LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!"

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Nikki on tv!

so, i just watch the long PGL trailer and it got nikki in it!
just so that u guys won't miss it, glued urself in front the tv tomorrow at about 8.50 or so, after My News Network...sekejap jek but still!

can't wait to see it on big screen.

meanwhile, i'm in the verge of asking him's not like i've never done it before, plenty of it! and never being turn down...but this one is like a bit difficult..i dunno why but i just didn't have the guts lagi.maybe i will some time soon.

uh, by the way, patty died...a month ago...nikki was so sad..he almost first he didn't believe that patty died and abang double check and true,no more patty.nikki then made a drawing of patty with it's angel wings...the drawing was so beautiful and sad at the same time...

My Nick Naufal - the Raja Ahmad

so, most of malaysian know by now, Puteri Gunung Ledang is coming to cinema this 31st August.the thing is, my little bro....cutie nick naufal (i called him that...only me called him one else) is one of the main cast...he played the little prince Raja Ahmad.

yeah, i went to all the shooting location and boy, it was fun. it was tiring though but it was fun too. and he, like himself, steady jek...hhihihihihi...and now, his poster is on the billboard at Jln Travers near KL Central...go...tgklah billboard tu...besar...and today, his on the Berita Minggu-Bintang Popular..satu page tu!
i dunno lah....he's gonna be famous...

so, anyway, back to me when i said it's the best malaysian movie i've ever seen...well, i've seen it at finas the other day (no cetak rompak one eh) so, the story line, the picture, the music score overall were satisfying. infact it was more than satisfying, it was the greatest so far.

well, speak no more.
wait till 31st august, and u know what i'm talking about.