Saturday, August 14, 2004

convocation time!!!

so, went to ira's convo this evening and boy it was great...i was working actually...until 2.30pm and i took the putra and got to kl central to take the komuter and stop at serdang station...there, fathanah (or lately known as ana..hihihi) picked me up with aj and the boys in another car. so, we made our way to uitm shah alam.

we bought ira a bouquet of flowers and met her half an hour later somewhere around the big crowd...took pictures with her and the others and later saari came...actually i saw him twice while i was waiting for ira but i was like buat bodoh macam tak nampak dia...tak nak lah tegur dia

then, he came and ira said "hey, arim...saari lah"
i was like,"oh..hey...." and he was like,"hi"
and can u believe it that he asked me to take pictures with him...i was like "hell-o"..but wat the heck...ira was like "go lah..go" with that silly grin on her face while she was holding the camera...anyway, talking bout camera, naz's camera was like the one that i always wanted the whole time...he said it cost him rm1050...but it's not digital camera..i mean nowadays everyone has to go digital in order to be affective in everything u do..i'm so in luv wit his camera that i cud actually hide it somewhere while he's not watching.hihihihihih..silly me.

so, what else..i got to know that adam muhamad subarkah has a fiance'..congrats..and her name is ARIMBA!hah! why so close one?

nikki's klcc premiere is on this wednesday, 25th august.i'm gonna be there as the huh!

ana was so nice that she dropped me at midvalley after the tak jumper dia...

aj was so nice towards the boys that nice towards the boys.

ira was like so happy that she cudn't stop smiling...but i know she's tired...

p/s:i luv my frens!

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