Sunday, August 08, 2004

My Nick Naufal - the Raja Ahmad

so, most of malaysian know by now, Puteri Gunung Ledang is coming to cinema this 31st August.the thing is, my little bro....cutie nick naufal (i called him that...only me called him one else) is one of the main cast...he played the little prince Raja Ahmad.

yeah, i went to all the shooting location and boy, it was fun. it was tiring though but it was fun too. and he, like himself, steady jek...hhihihihihi...and now, his poster is on the billboard at Jln Travers near KL Central...go...tgklah billboard tu...besar...and today, his on the Berita Minggu-Bintang Popular..satu page tu!
i dunno lah....he's gonna be famous...

so, anyway, back to me when i said it's the best malaysian movie i've ever seen...well, i've seen it at finas the other day (no cetak rompak one eh) so, the story line, the picture, the music score overall were satisfying. infact it was more than satisfying, it was the greatest so far.

well, speak no more.
wait till 31st august, and u know what i'm talking about.

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