Sunday, August 08, 2004

Nikki on tv!

so, i just watch the long PGL trailer and it got nikki in it!
just so that u guys won't miss it, glued urself in front the tv tomorrow at about 8.50 or so, after My News Network...sekejap jek but still!

can't wait to see it on big screen.

meanwhile, i'm in the verge of asking him's not like i've never done it before, plenty of it! and never being turn down...but this one is like a bit difficult..i dunno why but i just didn't have the guts lagi.maybe i will some time soon.

uh, by the way, patty died...a month ago...nikki was so sad..he almost first he didn't believe that patty died and abang double check and true,no more patty.nikki then made a drawing of patty with it's angel wings...the drawing was so beautiful and sad at the same time...

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