Sunday, August 15, 2004

what else?

i should have been at PWTC by now for the tribute to Kirana fashion show...i should have been at the back stage by now, helping my mak teh with her show.but i got asthma instead and chose to stay at home...
mama and nanim are there at the moment, with their designer label baju kurung.nvm...maybe there's next time for me.

i haven't study yet for my MUET this november...i got no time to do part time job has required a lot of my day time.i dun really mind because i make money from it.i'll figure out later when i'm going to study for MUET.

so, what else is new?

shaari msg me a few hours ago...asking how i'm doing and telling me to come to ira's convocation so that we can meet there...i said that i'm not promising anything but i try to come...ira is my best can i miss her convocation ceremony's on sunday.mine is not until next month...i really can't wait for it.

i met aishah ansari the other was our first time of meeting after all these years...we watched wicker park..aishah look like chinese! hihihi...she's nice....really hope to hang out with her again.

so, i'll better go to catch the malaysian idol.uh, btw, i voted for nikki and rydee....jac...well, she got lots of people to support her..she dun really need me at the moment..hihihi

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