Thursday, September 30, 2004

so i said i'm gonna be off for a few hasn't been an hour yet that i'm comin back...writing.

went to ita's daily jumble, she wrote and just have to accept that life is a very loOoOng journey filled with different types of experiences and emotions. all i can do now is view the past positively, release all the bitter and miserable feelings and then only i can move resolutely forward

i know about her....and why she wrote it...but what bout me?why i'm so touched by that..why i can relate to it?just because of that stupid call and that i knew it had never was so silly of me.i thought i wanna be the new generation girl, whom do the opposites.but still, it was a stupid mistakes which i shouldn't do at the first place!!!!!

at the moment i think life is unfair.
so, i'll be in my sactuary, just to be alone.


i'm gonna be off for a few days. i just wanna be the moment i feel so angry, my hands were shaky.i almost cried over sumthing that i thought i had.that are not true.

so, msg me if anything urgent.

i'm just gonna be around.u know where to find me.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I Graduated!

finally ppl...finally.....after 3 years of penat and lelah...of copying assignments from nizam, reza,kak siti, my girls, and sesiaper yg turut terlibat, akhirnya, i got my own diploma...hihiih...not exactly lah..sajer je buat gimik...adelah tiru tapi tak banyak, maner yg tahap tak buleh diselamatkan lagi tu, terpaksa lah ketuk rumah diorang, mintak assigment, tukar skit coding, wallah! mcm lecturer tak perasan yeh..i know diorang tau kitorang buat cam tu, tapi mesti diorang pun tak larat nak ckp aper, sbb mesti maser zmn diorang pun, diorang buat cam tu, fair and square lah.

so, i really wanna post my graduation pictures but i always forget to save it in my disket bkoz all the photos are in my thumb drive and i dun have internet connection at home so i have to go to cc to surf the internet and just that, that most of the cc i went are using windows 98.. and my thumb drive can't do any 98, later lah ye ppl..

one thing that i regretted most maser graduate ari tu was we dun take class picture!!geram sangat. i mean all of us, about 40 plus student, with our graduation gown and mohktar board, standing, looking so proud wit the scroll in our hands, hugging, smiling at the camera lense.sampai skrang i can't accept the fact that we dun have class pictures.walhal maser waiting for perarakan masuk tu, got many times what.tapi i dun bring my 'brand-new' phone so i couldn't call my sister to come wit the cameras and i didn't think pulak pinjam telepon kengkawan lain to do that...ishh...

yg lain tu ok, and except that maser time my geng naik pentas, ader a few thing yg tak patut dimaafkan.diorang buleh tersalah sebut namer...nasib baik my name was correct, if not i graduated as a chinese or sumone else, bkoz lydia got a chinese name and nisha was nurul shima...that was totally unfair.kesian diorang. mesti ader sesaper yg dengki tu....

anyways, it has been a week since the convocation day and i've been blessed to get that diploma and to know such wonderful friends all along the journey.sum were bad, sum were good, sum were silly,sum were excellent, sum were arrogant, sum were friendly, sum so quite and sum so loud, but trully, they were all special and unique in their own way.and why all of the sudden i'm going melodramatic here? i hands just type out the words that come straight from my heart...hihihii....melodramatic again.


Saturday, September 18, 2004

teng teng teng teng

so, i went to the rehearsel and it was exciting....the moment they gave me the jubah. i was like finally.

everybody i knew was girls, wary,abb,ustad,nizam,reza,max,teh,the chinese girls,rafidah ang the gang (tak sempat nak jumper),and kak siti's gang.

then, after we took the jubah and all, me and the rest went to mines for lunch.after that sempat lah pulak si abb and wary masuk karaoke box....never seen that before at kl shopping malls but i've seen it somewhere at cheras, kitorang pun berempit lah masuk that box and 1 buck per was hillarious that i did a duet wit abb..we sang lagu sayang menyayang by jamal and voice was like trembling..after that shima and wary sang senja nan merah by ziana and awie.. (yeah, the choice of songs were pretty lame but they dun have english songs lah..)wary can really sing i tell ya....the pitching, the high and low key,just perfect.

after that, we went to upm balik and rehears.
then we went back home, but me and abby melencong pulak ke bkt bintang...makan lagi...patutlah gemuk!hihihihi.....

and nasib baik maser nak balik i sempat jumper was months and months after our practical days and after dat he went wit no words....even he didn't up date his blog....i was like excited lagi..finally.jumper jugak mamat tu.wary sampai luper namer dia..hihhihhi.and now we gonna graduate together, his college his fracis upm too so, we're lucky.

ok lah...that's it...nak pergi beli tudung for convo...uh, btw, ade ker ustad cakap i'm dancing like cocok langit....tak patut betul.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

umi kalsom

convocation is just around the tuesday to be exact. gabra, sesiaper yg baca post ni, jemputlah datang ke upm on that day..mine is on petang session...kiter ramaikan lagi upm tu.

project kat tns tak braper banyak sgt, so they remain me,shima,ustad and sai....but i heard tomorrow diorang nak panggil abb...hopefully.

so, what else is new? nikk's already appear on the big screen...ive watched it 5 times already.not bkoz my bro in it, but bkoz of the movie's like vanilla ice-cream, u kept on craving for sum more after a bowl full of it.know wat i mean?

uh, and i got myself a camera phone..alas people, alas.....that phone is like my little walking diary's sony ericsson...and i also bought myself sylvia plath only novel, the bell's like when ur working, u got almost everything that u always want at the end of the item is, make-up at M.A.C and a mp3 player....

so, this thursday, we have rehearsel for the convocation...wary already call, ajak pegi sesamer....
and i'm gonna meet ana at upm for muse cassette..remind me that or she'll be freakin out.

and i'm not satisfied wit last week malaysian idol result.i adore nikki's voice and suddenly she's out of the game.what the tut?! vick should balik kampung, or maybe saiful....but nikki??and now i can't hear she sings anymore....i'm so so so makes me sick that i thought of not watching m.idol anymore.

while i'm cooling down myself, i wanna tell the whole wide world that sam's real name is umi kalsom!!!