Thursday, September 30, 2004

so i said i'm gonna be off for a few hasn't been an hour yet that i'm comin back...writing.

went to ita's daily jumble, she wrote and just have to accept that life is a very loOoOng journey filled with different types of experiences and emotions. all i can do now is view the past positively, release all the bitter and miserable feelings and then only i can move resolutely forward

i know about her....and why she wrote it...but what bout me?why i'm so touched by that..why i can relate to it?just because of that stupid call and that i knew it had never was so silly of me.i thought i wanna be the new generation girl, whom do the opposites.but still, it was a stupid mistakes which i shouldn't do at the first place!!!!!

at the moment i think life is unfair.
so, i'll be in my sactuary, just to be alone.

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