Saturday, September 18, 2004

teng teng teng teng

so, i went to the rehearsel and it was exciting....the moment they gave me the jubah. i was like finally.

everybody i knew was girls, wary,abb,ustad,nizam,reza,max,teh,the chinese girls,rafidah ang the gang (tak sempat nak jumper),and kak siti's gang.

then, after we took the jubah and all, me and the rest went to mines for lunch.after that sempat lah pulak si abb and wary masuk karaoke box....never seen that before at kl shopping malls but i've seen it somewhere at cheras, kitorang pun berempit lah masuk that box and 1 buck per was hillarious that i did a duet wit abb..we sang lagu sayang menyayang by jamal and voice was like trembling..after that shima and wary sang senja nan merah by ziana and awie.. (yeah, the choice of songs were pretty lame but they dun have english songs lah..)wary can really sing i tell ya....the pitching, the high and low key,just perfect.

after that, we went to upm balik and rehears.
then we went back home, but me and abby melencong pulak ke bkt bintang...makan lagi...patutlah gemuk!hihihihi.....

and nasib baik maser nak balik i sempat jumper was months and months after our practical days and after dat he went wit no words....even he didn't up date his blog....i was like excited lagi..finally.jumper jugak mamat tu.wary sampai luper namer dia..hihhihhi.and now we gonna graduate together, his college his fracis upm too so, we're lucky.

ok lah...that's it...nak pergi beli tudung for convo...uh, btw, ade ker ustad cakap i'm dancing like cocok langit....tak patut betul.

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