Tuesday, September 14, 2004

umi kalsom

convocation is just around the corner...next tuesday to be exact. gabra jugak...so, sesiaper yg baca post ni, jemputlah datang ke upm on that day..mine is on petang session...kiter ramaikan lagi upm tu.

project kat tns tak braper banyak sgt, so they remain me,shima,ustad and sai....but i heard tomorrow diorang nak panggil abb...hopefully.

so, what else is new? nikk's already appear on the big screen...ive watched it 5 times already.not bkoz my bro in it, but bkoz of the movie itself...it's like vanilla ice-cream, u kept on craving for sum more after a bowl full of it.know wat i mean?

uh, and i got myself a camera phone..alas people, alas.....that phone is like my little walking diary lah....it's sony ericsson...and i also bought myself sylvia plath only novel, the bell jar...it's like when ur working, u got almost everything that u always want at the end of the month...next item is, make-up at M.A.C and a mp3 player....

so, this thursday, we have rehearsel for the convocation...wary already call, ajak pegi sesamer....
and i'm gonna meet ana at upm for muse cassette..remind me that or she'll be freakin out.

and i'm not satisfied wit last week malaysian idol result.i adore nikki's voice and suddenly she's out of the game.what the tut?! vick should balik kampung, or maybe saiful....but nikki??and now i can't hear she sings anymore....i'm so so so dissapointed..it makes me sick that i thought of not watching m.idol anymore.

while i'm cooling down myself, i wanna tell the whole wide world that sam's real name is umi kalsom!!!

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