Tuesday, October 26, 2004


sepupu kak lup, whom studied at CICT wit us, whom was our senior, past away 3 or 2 days ago..i knew him, but i didn't talk to him, i knew him from afar as kak lup told me that he was her cousin...she really felt the lost i guess.he involved in car accident.kak lup always talk to me about him...

it makes me realize that life's too short to take any advantages.it's like u never realize it until sumone near to u, close to u went away forever...

i'm not regretted that i did my best.it's like when u love sumone, just say it there, out loud, otherwise the moment will pass u by...i did stick to that.when sumone u loved die, then u know how regretted u are for not telling them.

sure, berat bahu memikul, berat lagi mata memandang....

make right judgement about things around u because we don't have forever..say sumthing nice to ur loved ones...dun yelled at them, dun hit them, dun even say that u hate them, forgive them even if its hurt, cause when they gone, u'll cry just for it.

to kak lup and family, takziah from me.
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat allah.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

new skin

what ya think of my new blog skin?
lovely?boring?cute? tell me, tell me...

thanx ita for the website...

anyways, i always wanted to go to a play or theatre or sum sort of that...and i always wanna go to istana budaya...and so i did...last month.
i went to see Emas 10..it was a contemporary + artistic dance...pat was one of the choreographer and boy he can dance! i mean he is truly talented..what else he can't do? i wonder....

i'm planning to breakfast with my college mates next week on 31st october.thinking of nelayan titiwangsa restaurant when nisha called one night and suggested at asam pedas at setiawangsa...
"its cheaper," and so she pujuk me...just like usual, kitorang mimang sentiasa broke...hihihihi...but still, nak buka puasa sesamer...so, i said why not.

uh, and i went to jpn this morning at 9am.i took the number and thank god that i went to iras after that...about an hour kat rumah ira, my number tak panggil lagi...kalau tak pegi rumah ira, mimang jadi batu duduk situ.
so, about half an hour later, my number's up, and dia buat aper ntah, and suruh letak my both thumb on that small device and dia pun cakap,"pegi counter 9, ambik gambar"...makcik tu baiklah jugak, ye lah despite of bulan puasa, orang pulak ramai, ingatkan diorang moody ker..maser tunggu dia buat aper ntah, i asked her,"kak, i/c lamer tu bule simpan ker?"
"tak..kitorang ambik...buat aper nak simpan?kan dapat baru nanti"
i was like senyum jek...makcik tu tak tau yg aku ni menyimpan harta karun...macam macam mende ader dalam memory box aku ... daripada aku punyer nametag pengawas sekolah rendah, sampailah sekolah menengah, cenderamata gathering pengawas sepanjang lima tahun kat puterijaya, sumer ader...journal aku , jgn citer lah...masuk yg aku tgh pakai tu, ader 6 journal aku simpan....so, that i/c lamer really mean sumthing to me...and i really wish to keep it.tak per, i think of sumthing so i can keep my old i/c.

and yesterday, he was right in front of my car...i was behind his car lah...that was so ironic situation i tell ya...dia tak perasan kot.he was smiling and laughing with his mates...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

buckingham palace

it was just a title...written on my bag right in front of me..

so, anyways, welcome back bulan ramadhan al-mubarak.
insya-allah, umur panjang, dapatlah beraya.

heard that he hook up back with her...what do i care right? i dunno...i guess, i do care???errghhh...ntah lah..macam menyampah pun ader..he told me they broke up and what she's doing there? i'm not suppose to ask him, he's history.got to clear this thing from my mind right away....zzzzhhhhhuuuusssss....


the muet test is only next week, i know that wary dun even study...bkoz i know i don't...it's like we wanna get better results but we dun study...what the heck?i guess, things just not in the right time.but i'm just gonna give my best shot.

the commercial nikki just did last week is for this raya....it's telekom and it's gonna be really fun and cute.watch for it ppl.maybe in a week time, it would be on tv.

i wanna write a poem, but i forgot how to arrange the words...somebody pls help me?

21 Things

i'm back with a whole new perspective towards something.and i guess it was okay to be different than anyone else..to not have what everybody has.

so, i meant to write the 21 things-about-me-list somewhere around my birthday but i was busy.here goes....

1.almost everyone thought i'm a boy bkoz of my first name.the ironic thing is it actually means a woman or a wife in arabic
2.i have so many monikers that sometimes i forgot that i used them before.
3.pink is my theme colour
4.i luv vanilla flavour...be it as flavor of ice-cream,candies or scent from perfume...
5.i'm not really an animal lover...esp cats.
6.i broke my arms when i was 8 or 9...
7.i luv writing.
8.when i was 4 or 5, i almost drown in a hotel pool.
9.sad movies made me cry...i never fail to cry.
10.i would give everything if i can meet josh hartnett and claire danes.
11.if i have a long leg and slim figure, i would be a catwalk model.
12.i luv to sing in the bathroom...it's like my mini studio... :)
13.at the moment i only know one song to play with the guitar.
14.every weekend i went to klcc park for a jog.
15.i had a guy friend whom waited for me until he gave up after we've done high skool!
16.there were so many times that my name being publish in local newspaper and magazines.
17.my dream job would be something that have to do with creativity and not a 9 to 5 job.
18.i could sleep anywhere, anytime, if i'm so sleepy.
19.i luv books,gadgets & technology and details on clothes.
20.i collect rings, bracelets, bags, shoes and other accessories.
21.if i could choose one place to have a beautiful holiday, i wud choose bali!