Tuesday, October 19, 2004

21 Things

i'm back with a whole new perspective towards something.and i guess it was okay to be different than anyone else..to not have what everybody has.

so, i meant to write the 21 things-about-me-list somewhere around my birthday but i was busy.here goes....

1.almost everyone thought i'm a boy bkoz of my first name.the ironic thing is it actually means a woman or a wife in arabic
2.i have so many monikers that sometimes i forgot that i used them before.
3.pink is my theme colour
4.i luv vanilla flavour...be it as flavor of ice-cream,candies or scent from perfume...
5.i'm not really an animal lover...esp cats.
6.i broke my arms when i was 8 or 9...
7.i luv writing.
8.when i was 4 or 5, i almost drown in a hotel pool.
9.sad movies made me cry...i never fail to cry.
10.i would give everything if i can meet josh hartnett and claire danes.
11.if i have a long leg and slim figure, i would be a catwalk model.
12.i luv to sing in the bathroom...it's like my mini studio... :)
13.at the moment i only know one song to play with the guitar.
14.every weekend i went to klcc park for a jog.
15.i had a guy friend whom waited for me until he gave up after we've done high skool!
16.there were so many times that my name being publish in local newspaper and magazines.
17.my dream job would be something that have to do with creativity and not a 9 to 5 job.
18.i could sleep anywhere, anytime, if i'm so sleepy.
19.i luv books,gadgets & technology and details on clothes.
20.i collect rings, bracelets, bags, shoes and other accessories.
21.if i could choose one place to have a beautiful holiday, i wud choose bali!

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