Tuesday, October 26, 2004


sepupu kak lup, whom studied at CICT wit us, whom was our senior, past away 3 or 2 days ago..i knew him, but i didn't talk to him, i knew him from afar as kak lup told me that he was her cousin...she really felt the lost i guess.he involved in car accident.kak lup always talk to me about him...

it makes me realize that life's too short to take any advantages.it's like u never realize it until sumone near to u, close to u went away forever...

i'm not regretted that i did my best.it's like when u love sumone, just say it there, out loud, otherwise the moment will pass u by...i did stick to that.when sumone u loved die, then u know how regretted u are for not telling them.

sure, berat bahu memikul, berat lagi mata memandang....

make right judgement about things around u because we don't have forever..say sumthing nice to ur loved ones...dun yelled at them, dun hit them, dun even say that u hate them, forgive them even if its hurt, cause when they gone, u'll cry just for it.

to kak lup and family, takziah from me.
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat allah.

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