Tuesday, October 19, 2004

buckingham palace

it was just a title...written on my bag right in front of me..

so, anyways, welcome back bulan ramadhan al-mubarak.
insya-allah, umur panjang, dapatlah beraya.

heard that he hook up back with her...what do i care right? i dunno...i guess, i do care???errghhh...ntah lah..macam menyampah pun ader..he told me they broke up and what she's doing there? i'm not suppose to ask him, he's history.got to clear this thing from my mind right away....zzzzhhhhhuuuusssss....


the muet test is only next week, i know that wary dun even study...bkoz i know i don't...it's like we wanna get better results but we dun study...what the heck?i guess, things just not in the right time.but i'm just gonna give my best shot.

the commercial nikki just did last week is for this raya....it's telekom and it's gonna be really fun and cute.watch for it ppl.maybe in a week time, it would be on tv.

i wanna write a poem, but i forgot how to arrange the words...somebody pls help me?

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