Monday, November 29, 2004

hardy's goin to mmu soon...but not nizam...and me, the june intake is out and i'm applying that. korang sumer yg mengenali diri ini, doakanlah supaya aku dapat masuk saner.nanti aku dah jadi graphic designer yg berjaya dengan company sendiri yg bernama nanti, aku mesti kirimkan kad raya kat korang. :p

A very hectic weekend

well, it all started on Friday night, Tiara's open house. thank God i didn't drive.but still, get back late night and boy, i was tired. wake up the next morning at 7 to fetch my uncle whom studied at egypt for 3 years long...he got married there and have a cute adorable baby. then, had a small doa selamat at mak teh's at 3 or so. around 4.30,went to setiawangsa to fetch shima and went ahead to kak lup's for her open house.the laksa was yum yum...met everyone there...even my primary school mate,darwin. then after that, sent shima home and went back to mak teh's and ahead we went to muara ikan bakar at port klang for dinner and it was 10.30 when we started to eat.pegi lambat pun....mak teh belanja and yum yum...menjilat jari..reached home around one. and terus pengsan on bed.

the next day, sunday, 28th nov, read a msg from kak lup at 8am saying that her grandmother past away.innalillah...went to her house and i saw the jenazah. before that went to shima's to pick her up.i had to attend a wedding receiption that noon but my mom made it a point when she said i should accompany kak lup to the funeral..and shima, i've made a few phone calls and went to the funeral...takziah to kak lup, as she losing again her beloved was at puchong.after zohor, we went to puchong and because of the heavy rain, we only reached there around was still raining when the funeral took place. and i only reached kl at 5...sent kak lup home, pick sarah up (for the wedding),pick my sis and bro at home, sent them to mak teh's, sent shima home, pick ira at her place and it was jam at jln ampang and cheras.we only reached nena's (the bride) around 7.30...

makan-makan, took pictures, borak-borak....dah pukul 9 lebih....mintak diri and sampai rumah pukul 10 lebih and tukar pyjama, berus gigi, cuci muka, tgk the appreantice sekejap, pukul 12 baru masuk tidor....dan hari ni, i decided not to go to work because i was so so tired.

and now, my bro and his little cousin tgh having sum kind of wwf fight and i'm yelling at them while writing this down...maybe another cuti tomorrow??

Monday, November 22, 2004

Gambar RAYA!!!

....there goes the gambar raya.....kalau nak tengok lagi banyak, check out ita's blog!


went to ampang point just now.and walking around with no purpose with nanim.bumped into maksu bobo (cute kan namer maksu) and the kids....then, maksu tanyer, "parking kat maner?", i was like,"hah?kat maner ah nim?" then i said parking kat linda onn...maksu cakap,"jln dengan maksu kat sini, maksu pun nak pegi that way, kat pizza hut," and we say "bye".
sambil jln tu, dengan bangga sekali sebab dapat beli delifrance with 20% off...rupenyer, menurut kater nanim, bakeries ni kalau nak tutup kedai malam malam, mimang slalu jual roti murah, nak habiskan...ader yg kasi sambil jln tu, kereta banyak, bertali arus, tak kasi kitorang i was like,"kereta" say it over and over again dengan mengikut irama sendiri and nanim was like,"mari oh mari.....dekat hamba..."singing that lagu from p.ramlee punyer cerita hang tuah, alah scene yg maser dia jumper dengan cucu tok guru kat bukit tu...tetiber ader mamat ni jalan kat depan kitorang...he must have heard of or little humming...nasib baik mamat ni macam perut buncit skit...dan memakai baju yg agak ketat.heheheheheh....
the end.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

somebody save me

why lately ive bumped into him?it was merely pathetic on one way side but on the other way, i could see the future of us, we have no future together.i mean, his like my junior! there u go..i said it out loud here...

sure, i always stick to this philosophy that "i came, i saw, i conquere" but why bother to conquere sumthing that have no heart at all...i did what a girl had to do and that's more.

i did sum survey on the mp3 players in town...the ipod is like way too expensive, out of my reach,rm1390 if i'm not, there's this brand which i'm not familiar with but like the tauke said to me when i asked wat's the different between the hip and happening cool brand and the unknown one,"macam keleta lah, moi...mercedes manyak bagus punye..tapi ploton pun bule jalan juga,bukan ka?" he asked me back. he was right..i'm like desperate to have a mp3 that i dun care about the brand now.but the other month, abb brought his sister's mp3 player at work, and it's a bit kopak...i mean, dah rosak skit...still can here songs but u have to adjust it sum more..that's the risk lah..went to carrefour and there's a computer shop sell an mp3 player with 128mb for rm190.i consider it cheap.forget the brand lah pulak.but it looks solid.

so, as i was lookin for sum more brand, my mom terjumper this quilt bed sheet there and like it and she bought not one, not two, but 4...and i like it and i bought one pink quilt bed sheet and nanim saw it and she like it too and she bought herself, there goes my allowance baju raya.tak pakai sumer only suku but still.

talking about baju raya, up till now, i couldn't find my casual baju raya lagi.i have a baju kurung and memang dah adat, i must have at least 3 baju casual...but tak dapat cari...tak jumper yg okay..kalau beli pun tapi macam ott,just to please myself that i have a baju raya, buat aper, my mom said,"ur wardrobe pun tak abis pakai, tak payah lah beli" and she's, i kene buat keje skit, i have to swim down the wardrobe and take out baju yg tak penah pakai...and mix and match.

orite then.i'm gonna do it right away.