Friday, December 30, 2005


zima is engage to her used to be abang angkat..
i was so thrilled!
i went there to see my best friend getting engaged..
but too bad i had to leave before the men's side arrived.

anyways, congratulation to you zima!
cepat cepat kawin tau!

Friday, December 23, 2005


hmm..where to start?
as u guys know, my group, She Sell Sea Shells, sells shell product.
we did paper weight (which got a huge number of female fans), customize necklace, and windcharm..

the experience of selling stuff a is more than any word could describe.
ppl buy ur product with anticipation and excitement feeling that they have sumthin to giv to their luv ones..

the crowd was great..
but still, we went through sleepless night trying to make the paper weight and stuff..
anyways, we had fun too..

i bought table lamp (comel), pillowcase, wall deco, mug etc...
uh, and a cd..a band called April..heard a song by them at myspace..quiet nice..

do check out my fotopages for more pixies...

Monday, December 19, 2005


do come to our booth...
gonna be lots of stuff..
its gonna be fun!

ur support means a lot to us!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


"last night conversation suppose to be a joke..
i'm sorry.
it was a miscommunication really..
i don't care about the previous him.i don't care at all.
i care about what i have now.
i want to be with who i'm with now.
i'm sorry if somehow i hurt someone...
i wanted to believe in it again..i really do.
and someone had showed me that i can believe in it..
we've come this far, don't turn away.
i'm sorry for last night"

Friday, December 16, 2005


most of my friends are afraid of having the needle being insert into their arm...
well, human nature of being afraid i guess..
i was afraid too. i did.
i wasn't sure enough if i ever could to take the risk of having the needle inserted into my arm and watch the blood come out slowly from my arm and go through the transparent tube and into the transparent container.
but one day, i realize that i wanted to do it..
i always the one who wanted to donate clothes, food and money to the needy..the one who wanted to contribute to her society..
thank god i did it at last...

last march i decided that i wanted to donate my blood..
it was a great experience..
i did watch the blood went through the transparent tube and into the transparent was thick and was warm too..
my blood type is AB..
AB the selfish one..
AB for AB and only AB..
and i donated again yesterday...
so i hope, whoever got my blood, make the most out of it..

nothing much to tell right now..just that yesterday, i thought to myself..
did i contribute enough to my society?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

shopping for art market stuff at jln tar


sumer art market punyer pasal...
tak sabar tunggu art market..jual jual barang, jual itu dan ini...jual sampai dapat untung..
datang tau korang..
sampai sakit sakit badan ni...
spend all the night at vi's..

today is his bday..
happy bday to u..
happy bday to u..
happy bdau to u u u...
happy bday to u...

last week went to a get together reunion luncheon at chicken herts, sunway pyramid..
not many turn out but its okay, at least those i care were there.
well, the topic that day was about us... :P
"what's his name?", "naper tak bawak dia?", "dia keje kat maner", etc...
its not really me telling them about him..
ntah lah..for me its private stuff..ntah lah..dari dulu cm tu..keep it low profile..
sowie girls...hihiihih..

monday nikki sunat!!

sunday goin to pantai remis to collect shell...

sunday zita kawin...

now me sleepy...

nighty nite everyone!!!!
sleep tight.
luv u.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Tijani before got her chocolate

Sorfina after got her chocolate

nikki, wawan and iman, indulging the chocolate moment.

i've to go back home this morning for nikki,wawan and iman's birtday party..
i'll make sure that i got a lots of great pictures...
i luv photograpy that i spend a sum of rm220 for another spare battery..i thought of buying it way back before, but it was damn expensive.
i need to get my hand on 512mb sd card...but then again, i'll wait for the gud price.

last nite i went to a wedding reception at dewan sri endon, putrajaya..
it was my dad's relative whom i dun really know.
sumhow i found out that i have the same great great grandmother with azura zainal,former disney club host. she was at the reception too...
small small world.
i managed to take some pictures at the wedding..still a lot to learn.

his birthday is just around the corner...on 15th to be exact.
was thinking to spend something nice on the armani black code...or maybe a fossil watch..or maybe a nice U2 shirt...can't decide boo prefer the black code but still i wanna see him with the shirt...hahahha....

my spine is still aching which i dunno why.

uh, btw, dayang nurfaizah will be performed at planet hollywood on 11th, 18th and 25th of december..tix for rm35 inclusive a drink.

p/s:visit my fotopages for more pixies

Friday, December 02, 2005


Thursday, December 01, 2005


hey...baru i perasan that i havent update my blog since a month ago...sejak result keluar...
so anyways...things happen all around me...
first of all, raya was okay...balik kg babah kat dengkil jerk.oklah...although didn't get that much of duit raya...but it was ok..jumper uwan etc.
time raya cm ni, makanlah paling best..lemang, ketupat, rendang, itu ini...MACAM MACAM ADA..tak banyak sangat g open house..ada dua tiga open house jerk.g open house zaid, fatiyah and mawar jerk...AJ nyer open house tak g sebab ader hal..slalunya every year we all looking forward for AJs sbb dia slalu buat rendang dendeng...tak per, insyaallah next year masih ada. :D

pastu me and him decided to host a luncheon for our we did steamboat, spaghetti and rendang with lemang...the funny thing was, i was worried sick that they cant get enough of the steamboat, so i decided to buy a lot of things for the the end of the day, we got a lot of left-overs..hahaha..tu lah tamak was nice lah dapat kumpul ramai ramai..

what else, hmmm...owh, yeah, i got to contact back with an old fren.

malam ni ader dinner cum open house cum gathering beta student fcm kat fcm hall...rm10 sorang..dh bayar dh...its already 7pm..malas nyer nak pegi..but have to go lah..dh bayar maa..

pastu semalam kelas kitorang buat trip g zoo negara...
haha ..klakar kan...but it was fun lah to see/visit those animals...
banyak gambar animals..

uh and tadi, i ajak dia beli bag bag baru...
hihihi...syoknya..dapat beli sekali 3 trus..tapi i got on good bargain lah..i've been waiting for the bag since lamer dh, now i got 3 terus...
thanx sayang..

oklah i nk siap siap...nnt i post gambar-gambar...


Saturday, October 29, 2005


i was so nervous to check my semester result...
shaking jugak...
tapi biler bukak jerk my result tu, i dapat quite good...
infact, more than i expected..
and design process i dapat okay...lepas...fuuuhhhh...time kasih che mat...dan kawan kawan che mat yg mengchek kan design saya yg tak seberapa tu.....nanti i post kan gambar design tu kat sini eh.

so, for those who havent check their result yet, please do so now...kalau tangguh tangguh lagi susah hati...

btw, just in case if im not goin to post anythin later before raya, i wanna wish u guys happy deepavali and selamat hari safe otey...


Saturday, October 22, 2005


she passed away last Thursday, from breast cancer.
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat ALLAH SWT.
Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, wife of our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi..

one of the pictures ive submitted for the contest

HARI INI... i woke up at 4.30 for sahur so i cud fry the delicious ayamas chicken drummet until its brown and crispy...mmmmmmphhh.... :D after that, i continued to do the pictures selection for the hallmark love stories photo took me around 1hr and 30min for it...
then, i tried the new pc game i bought, ER....yup...the tv series ER, they got it in pc game...not bad..its fun...

later on, i couldn't bare the tiredness anymore as i was getting sleepy and, i went to my room and fell was already 8am by that time.
i set my mind to wake me up around 8.30am cause i wanted to send the pictures for the hallmark contest via email, before noon..but my mind was as sleepy as i was, it only woke me up at 9am!
no worries....hihihih....

a few minutes after that, the phone rang, and it was maksu...i didn't pick it up right away, instead, i let the mail box answered..hahahhahah...tia was on the line with her famous word "kakak??"....i chatted with maksu for a while and said bubye to her.

then i called him, waking him up.

took my shower.

then went to the nearest cyber cafe to submit my sumbmission for the hallmark photo contest.i submitted 4 photos...of which im not sure the possibility of winning :P
im just trying my luck.

after that i went to see him...picked him up and we went to the gas station at setiawangsa, rang shima, telling her that we wanna come to her house, but 'shime say no' (manka famous quote)...
so we didnt go to her house...

went to carrefour instead, bought the cards that i want for my customize greeting card.
walk there and hear for a while and send him back home as it was almost 12pm.
had to pick nick's up from school...yeah, i know, it was saturday, they have to go to school on saturday for about 2 months...
stuck in the traffic for almost half an hour, and i was 20 minutes late.
and i've been scolded by my 10 years old brother.
i made up to him by bringing him to this cyber cafe...he is right beside me right now...playing his online game...

so, that's it for this morning, later on, i have to pick up nanim from uitm and maybe went out with mama and nanim...
uh, and ita cancelled the plan today...
maybe some other time...

bubye for now.

p/s:bule tak makan ayam percik for breakfasting hari ni??

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


jari/tangan mama....yang menjaga aku dari kecik sampai lah debab!


it has been a week since i got home for semester break...
fun, boring, exciting...
today, my flu is getting it yesterday, i was sweeping away the dust and all..
anyways, nanim already know about me and him..hahahhaha...she is my only concern..i thought she would freakout...
and now that she knew...i can write as many things about us here..hahahahha...nanim, thank you.

and now, i'm doin nanim's photocom assignments..
its like, its no big deal, with around 20 pictures to select for the apperture, shutter speed, illustration photo (wat the heck is that??), essay picture bla bla bla....yeah, right, no big deal....i'm saving your chullo here sorella! where's my vanilla ice cream?

i've been saving this dream to go to bali with sumone important..with the bali beaches, the breathtaking environment, the windy air, the white sand, it would be lovely, so lovely to spend time there with sumone u love...come to think about, bali just got bomb! again!...well, maybe not yet...maybe in a couple of years ahead...duit pun tak de.hahahahha..

so, this saturday, i'm goin out wit my cousins!!!and of course, mi wud be our girls day wud be fun!
huhuhuhu..cant wait.ita gonna bring her eh!

so, anyways, to all my muslims fans....hahahahahah...fwens muslims fwens....SELAMAT BERPUASA...semoga kalian sumer mendapat hidayah dah rahmat di bulan yang mulia ini...
its like, even though u think u make the most sins ever, just dun do watever u did in this fasting month...hahahahhah..take my advice.

bubye...i luv u guys!

Monday, September 26, 2005


pagi tadi tak pegi mana mana.
dok kat sini sampailah skrang..
bangun pukul 10 kot..can't remember..
pastu trus proceed ngan minor project mdp.darn!
lukih je baru, kaler blom lagi.

lepas buat mdp,pegi makan..
kat hb2..
nasi goreng daging merah..
lepas tu, naik bilik balik...
nak buat flash pulak...
tetiber mata terasa berat yg amat sangat.
lalu tertido...setlah alarm kat tepon,
terset pukul 4.30 pagi.walhal pada waktu itu
baru pukul 4 ptg.
bangun pukul 6ptg..
best tido..
trus buat flash...
sampailah skrang ni tak berenti berenti.(its 3.30am now)
cuma berenti g mandi, pastu minum air,pastu g toilet..

me and elly nk finish kan flash pagi ni gak..
besok leh proceed ngan mdp canvas.
kesian elly.
dia sakit gigi...

photography dah submit....yayyyyyy
3d sudah siap..wuuuhuuu....
flash hampir siap....weeheeee....
minor project mdp nk kaler...huuuuaaaa....
canvas mdp tak design lagi....uuuweeekkk....
utk exam tak baca apa apa lagi....muuuahhhhahahha...

p/s:samsung luvs sony ericson

Friday, September 23, 2005


i posted this pix at unique exposure and i got some inspiring comments on it...thanx guys! u, go comment! :D
i always want to take such picture...and i finally took it.

by the way, life here in mmu are getting buzier and buzier..
final is just around the corner..(reza ckp, go tgk around that corner..hahha)i only hav 3 exam papers to sit next week..assignments are tough!
our flash project is almost done, thanx to elly for her dedication, and amirs too..
hmmmm, tak lah susah sangat buat flash ni, like me, from zero, now i can actually do some slideshow...i did mtv for 2nd assignment but it was terribly suck!
maybe ill do sum interesting thing during semester break.we'll see..

today we gonna PAINT OUR CANVAS...
let it dry for a day, and tomorrow we'll start to draw on the canvas.
takut...sumer orang takut nak draw, my frens lah...
kalau fail, have to wait for a year, then baru bule repeat for another year.arrrggghhhhh!
but, like my hush puppies said, "i know you can do it, cause you're clever"
thank u.
all i have to do, infact, all of us, is to believe dat we can.

pink hyppo is staring at me right now...
dah hitam dh dia...
nnt cuti nk anta dia pegi dobi.

uh, and nanim got her laptop already..
fuuuhhh,best lah minah sorang tu..tak per tak per, nanti dia balik weekend, i'm gonna take over her laptop.

and still, my ptptn balance tak masuk account lagi..
cam ner nk makan TGI Friday ni???
cam ner elly???
HAH??!!! APER!!?? VI NAK BELANJA??!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005


smlm pegi uitm, ida convo...
pukul 10am dari cyber, 11pm balik sini...
me and vi and amin managed to take sum cool pictures.
after convo tu, ida ajak minum ngan kawan dia.
kawan dia radzi or sumthin, was pot pet...friendly lah..
xboyfren ida pun ader.
makan skali..
pastu, g minum pulak ngan kawan-kawan amin...
agaknya amin nampak ktrg letih kot, amin tak makan pun...trus ajak ktrg balik after 15 minutes or so..

pastu dlm kete, me and vi slept..i slept on her lap..ida even took picture of us sleeping..jahat ida!

till now, i feel the aching lagi..balik dari genting tu kot..sakit badan..angin lah agaknya.

oklah...keje tak siap lagi..
today nak finishkan flash.
pastu nk g dinner wit him.

vi, ida with the flowers, amin at the back and me

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


saat yg aku geruni ari tu dh pun tiba.
tak lah takut sangat.
dia kasik kitorang pegi drawing kat mana mana kitorang suka.
mood dia baik gila kat situ.
cameron...sejuk giler siut.
ramai budak budak tak tahan sejuk..
masa first day sampai, check in, pastu tido, rehearsal performance, tak sempat beli food..makan maggi jerk.
second day was better.
kitorang pegi mardi...draw kat sana, beli strawberry, make frens wit the strawberry girl, ate marrybrown..
masa tengah draw tu, tetiber jerk hujan lebat...tempias sumer was so cold that we can't feel our feet.
dat nite was the performance.

third day, went to the pasar after breakfast.
bought so many things, i even have to borrow money from elly. :D
uh and wafa can speak mandarin!
than, we just stayed in the apartment and do our drawing.
that nite we attend the dinner buffet.
everyone there was in their casuals, jeans and tshirts.
we were in our baju kurung!
hah hah!
around 10, we went to was fun.
masa nak keluar tu around 1am, saw che mat at the karaoke lounge, kitorang sumer senyum je lah kat dia.
hah hah hah!

so, the fourth day.
before balik, singgah kejap kat taman rama rama.
and the buses stop at bharat tea plantation.
and headed back to cyber.

it was great.

*check out cameron for more pictures!

Friday, August 26, 2005



jari dia terkena kipas yang berputar kat syiling.
cian dia.
jari hantu dan jari manis.
ida nangis tadi.
dia cakap sakit.
so, i bought her dinner.
she dun wanna go out from her room.

hari ni balik rumah.
pukul 11pm kang abang datang ambik.
tapi sebelum tu, nak pegi alpha nite dulu.
noni menari..
mesti comel budak kecik tu menari...

zaid bagi message.
a very unexpected message.
shima cakap zaid nak ajak saya keluar.
so, she told him i'm seeing sumone.
pandai shima.

kakak nisha kawin next month.
selamat pengantin baru.

tadi saya buat drawing untuk klas mdp.
tiba tiba nk buat drawing.
smlm draw kat bilik ida.
temankan ida, vi tak da, pegi bentung.
tido terus kat bilik diorang.

balik kelas photography tadi, terus tengok smallville..
dengan elly.
kitorang slalu tengok smallville sesamer.
tapi saya mengantuk sangat.
saya tersengguk sengguk.
saya dapat dengar elly berkata kata dengan saya,
tapi saya tak dapat balas.
ataupun saya cuma dapat ckp "hmmm" saja.
lepas habis tengok sville, saya dan elly tido.
smlm tido lambat.
pukul 4 pagi.
kelas tadi pukul 9.

saya ada kawan-kawan baru.
nama dia malina.
sorang lagi fozzy.
fozzy suker pegi clubbing.
tapi dia tak menari.
dia dengar music je.
dia pun suka music electronica macam saya.

saya dah siapkan assignment computer environment.
dengan proposal scripting language.

hari ni saya okay.
encik call saya.
saya call shima.
mama call saya.
saya call mama.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


drove to kl wit vi and elly last saturday.
lowyat plaza=spent almost 3 hours there, buying computer stuff
bukit bintang
=try to snap pictures of emotions/makan kfc/jalan jalan sikit
klcc=snap pictures kat klcc park..
tmn melewati
=beli barang2 mdp..we spent almost rm40-50 for the project alone.
kg baru=dinner kat kedai tak sedap dan kakak ambik order tu sungguh sengal.

sampai cyber pukul 10pm cam tu.

kat klcc park, dapat gambar ok.not so nice, except for gambar budak kecik yg mengheret kawan dia masuk ke dalam pool.then, a group of guys asked me to take their pictures, relaxing on the i took.sungguh mengelabah(quote from ita) diorang tu.
kat sana, terjumper banyak budak2 mph1113 mengambil gambar untuk assignment2.
tak syok langsung, dan tak creative langsung..termasuk saya.huuhuhu..

sampai hotel (wat we called our bilik nowadays..huhu)sumer dh penat.
kitorang baring dan tertido.


encik was so nice that he actually drove me around the next day to take more and more pictures.
we went to kl again (raser cam kl tu jauh jerk), and stopped at armcorp mall for breakfast+lunch,besides i was planning to get some pictures of the flee market there..
tapi tak jadi.
gambar tak jadi.
sungguh dukacita skali.

then we went to kg sumthin(tak ingat)
located belakang zoo negara.
banyak orang beriadah kat situ.
fishing, picnic, etc.
the place was so quiet and calm.
luv it.

after that off to tasik titiwangsa.
went to an abandoned house nearby.
haunted maybe.
the house has a big landscape.
with big swimming pool, and guard house.
theres details on the wall.
the house was big.
big so big.

then went to The Mall.
nuthin there.
sajer membuangkan minyak kete dan duit parking.

then went to cyber back.
i was sleeping all the way back home.
and he drove alone.
i put all the pictures i want into my flash drive along with elly's and vi's.

then went to alamanda.
sent those pix for print.
bought mcdonalds for dinner for me and my girls.
and i said tata to encik because being so nice and kind.
thank u dear.

for more pixies...check out assignment 3

Friday, August 19, 2005


*refer to nanim's blog before u read this....

yes, our babah is like that..the distance is there but u can't really see it when we talk and all.
sumtimes we do talk about things.
jokes...we laugh...
actually i can ask money from him, face to face..but not nanim.
she wud just ask me to ask from babah..
babah tak makan orang.
but, lately, i haven't talk to him..even when i was home last week.
feel guilty.
i should have said "hi, babah" or sumthin.
so,yesterday, i asked him rm200 for my field trip to cameron next month.
and he said he'll bank it in later.
i thought later would be end of this month..
then this evening, he texting me,"babah dah bank in rm200".
i said,"thank u babah".
nanti, balik minggu depan, i'm gonna say hi to him.

i luv babah.
our babah is the greatest babah in the whole universe!!!

maybe till tomorrow.
i feel sad.
i'm about to give up.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


the haze condition in cyber is still bad,even worse!
woke up this morning with coughing..
elly too...then baru sedar tingkap tak tutup semalam...
and the haze like floating here and there in our hostel..

relief that i've finished my 3D on time...
but still, i was worry about flash..
tak siap lagi and kene submit besok...
i cakap kat my girlfriends that if tomorrow cuti because of jerebu kan best
..and guess what, balik dari kelas design process tadi, prof ghauth announced on bulletin board that mmu cuti for the next 2 days starting tomorrow.. :D
diorang cakap mulut i masin!!hihiihih

so, now i can do my flash without stress.
tomollow malam mama suruh balik...
ingatkan nak bersuka ria kat sini.
she's worried about my condition.

raser cam kat negeri omputeh lak ngan hazzy ni...
i want my sun.
the beautiful sun.
giv back our sun!
sun,come back homelah.
cian kat kitorang.

gambar kat bawah tu diambil dari tingkat 2,wing a kat hb4.
for more photos click haze

until then, lock urself inside any building (house,school,room,office,mall, etc)yang kedap udara. take care of your health!
uh, btw, tadi che mat tak der kat nyer!
macam heaven...hihihihi XD

10th august 2005

11th august 2005


*izit another lovey dovey feeling or
just a phase that i'm goin thru??

Monday, August 08, 2005


the haze started from the cyberia park, and so they said..if its true, then matilah, cyberia kat sebelah mmu jerk.kat kl pun i got flu and all.

and now, i nak siapkan 3D..nak siapkan malam ni gak..GAN BATTE!!
cause tomorrow night ader yearbook meeting and 3D kene submit ari rabu, and ari khamis kene submit flash, tak siap lagi, cause i didn't do it mase cuti ari tu...padan muka i..and ari khamis malam i nk pegi tgk ungu violet wit my, dat's the plan, so, i terpaksa lah skip kan niat utk ambik gambar dian kat midvalley nanti..keje banyak sangat...

maser keluar e-theatre tadi, there's a group of people dancing was really fun..i didn't bring my fz20 so i jes had to watch them without taking any pictures..i didn't know that mmu provided a cha-cha class..hhuhuhu..

and now, i'm waiting for his call while doing my 3D.


Saturday, July 30, 2005


so, tomorrow dh start cuti seminggu...the break that we all luking for.esp after che mat class.hmmm...uh, did i tell u guys that we're going for a 4 days and 3 nights field trip?its at cameron...tu lah, baiklah pulak che mat tu, arrange kan sumer tu...i realized now that everything he said were true, that our drawing was suck at the first place...cause if u guys were they at the fcm hall, u guys wud see the difference and improvement between our previous design and now.he scolded us, he chased us out from class, he yelled at us, he stepped on our designs, he tore them apart, he threw them just like rubbish,to make us strive for excellent...asal aku memahami dia sangat ni?? anyways, we have to start saving rm200 for the trip...duit lagi...

aishah is going to uk tomorrow...mesti pulak tu..besh besh...have fun there and enjoy ur trip aishah!!!dun forget my chocolate! :P

so,the other day, as me and elly were walking to hb2 for dinner, elly suddenly said that she's proud of having me as her fren and roommate...just that i was the chief editor of my school, we wasted the night by going to hb2 for dinner when we actually can just order our dinner at hb4 (our hostel)...and as we reached hb2, the queue was so long that made us go back to hb4 for dinner...and we haven't finished out photography assignment yet..
slept around 5am that nite, and missed the morning class at 9am as we were drifting with dreams...thank god that vee was in class, so macam biasalah, "tolong ambikkan attendance vee ku sayang"...then, went to photography tutorial, feeling eager to submit the assignment..suddenly, my tutor said that we dun have to submit yet and just consult with him.darn..double darn...triple darn...
but still, he complimented on my pictures, of 8 pictures that i produce, only 3 were rejected...yayyyy!!! :D hip hip horray!!

in the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAY GUYS!!!
see ya'll in a week time.

roti canai kat fcm cafe yg aku mesti makan setiap hari rabu


wuit, dh start sale..mari kita mengamuk!!!

bukak mata besar besar, apa ader disekeliling, mungkin dia kat situ je.
and he said that he wanted to see me so bad cause he miss me so much... :P

**i just add a link to my fotopages.enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


got home at 10 last nite...buat aper lagi...taking photographs for the digital photography course.the reason i am so in luv with this course is that i dun have to read books and memorize every single thing in it.just understand the technical standard of getting gud effects on every pictures..and most of it, based on our creativity.

digital photography (mph 1113)
-the coordinator is so great.
-no tense in the class.
-the assignments are fun.

design process (mdp 1113)
-the coordinator is unpredictable.
-sometimes he can be a real pain in the ass, but lately he has turn into this kind hearted person!
-the assignments can make u go through lots of sleepless nite
-u just have to deal with it and be as creative as u can

computer modelling (mcc1013)
-its a 3d class where we learn how to use the 3d's max 7 software
-so far so good
-assignments are okay and can be referred to the tutorials and trial and error.

scripting language(mcc1033)
-i really like the tutor/coordinator
-the class is fun, no tense, no sleepless nite

computer environment (mce 1013)
-the most boring class
-still, the tutor is funny
-we learn bout the hard ware and the environment of the windows

everything is fine here...and its fun too...but still, i'm looking forward for a week break!

aini,tengku fatin,me,elly,fiza

tengku fatin and the sunset

Monday, July 25, 2005

TIME IS RUNNING OUT, i was so buzy for the past week!
i didn't know wat happen but time was so cruel to me.

the so-called-design

on that very wednesday evening, at around 3 or sumthin, i've been scolded by him infront of the class..there..he said my design was suck.i said i wasn't feeling well the whole week.its true, i had fever and my body was aching and heating.but, as usual, he said that's not supposed to be the reason, then, he said that word out loud.LAZY! he said i was lazy...the sky was actually collapsed on me as he said that. hmmmm....i tried to relax.

and now, i'm producing 3 more designs.

the audiowarfare

mmu very own battle of the band.
3 words to describe it: cool,loud,crowded
i loved it!
for pictures on it check out audiowarfare

onewing Angel:abu:aboon:baboon:zack:zareem

who is he?
he msg me on frenster, saying wanna know me better.
onewing Angel-Fizah Takara-Pink Sandal, dats how we linked on frenster.
so, i add him up after a few Q&A session.
then sumhow, he come all the way from uitm jengka to mmu for the audiowarfare.
met him and he was damn tall.he was wit his ipoh mali frens.
my new new fren!

Malaysia is small!
1. me - vee - aminn = aminn happened to go to the same primary skool as me,SKTHO..we know the same teachers, friends and nearby hang out places.
2. aminn - vee - vee's uncle = aminn stays in the same neighbourhood as vee's uncle
3. ida - me - aboon - najmi = ida knows najmi well, they used to hang out together.
4. me - ida = her house is in silibin ipoh, near my kampung, kampung manjoi
5. ida - me - aboon = aboon is a fren of ida's previous boyfren

so, go figure!

Friday, July 15, 2005


woke up this morning with sore throat and flu..didn't feel like going to class but i did go anyway.just because today i had tutorial class for digital photography..luv it.nanim called just now, having sore throat just like me..telling me that she too had to buy the slr camera..huuhuhuu..but i dun think she's gonna use it much.

anyhow, i'm going back today.i just feel like i need to be at the comfort of my own bed, plus, mommy ask me to come home because i didn't go home last week.still, assignments are quieing to be class was okay.encik 'kelate' on tutor today...his english got kelantanese pronounciation...i was like laughing my head off..hahhahha..well, at least some of the class is fun to be in..not like d.process..all of us are right now like clueless, we don't know wat to do...he even said that he could make us change our faculty! how dare he threat us...this is a private university..he can't simply force us to change faculty just because we can't produce designs that he wants..we hate him so much that it makes us sick everytime we went to his class!
so, next week, im gonna produce a design that would make him cry over his pathetic ass!! u bet i will!

at the other end, i have exciting 'wutever' , recognize me and elly when we went to his room (lecturer room) submitting the cd for our assignments.he was like,"ya'll in group 2 rite? on wednesday morning?" i was grinning and grinning that he actually know me.hihiiih...he's not that handsome, he's not that tall, he's cute actually,with his small asian size.ellylah...go ga-ga sangat over him..btw, he has this american accent!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

her birthday, his anger, my drawing...and raining

Her Birthday
like the previous years, today is nanim's birthday..hmm...i talk about her a lot lately, about her goin to university, i called her last nite..around 12.30 i guess.wishing her happy birthday.i felt guilty for her that she had to celebrate it alone there..none of her roommates know.i was actually planning to rent a car (auto) and celebrate it with her today.but to bad that there isn't a single auto car to be rent.if u know me, u wud know how bad i am with manual car.i called her again after design prosess class, and thank god that her friends save her.they took her out and went to least, i feel relief for that 20 years old little girl.

His Anger
just like last week class, che mat scolded us again, for not doing the design rite.last week, he went nuts over our drawing...and this week the anger burst deep down with no 'special' words being uttered.he was just walked back and forth around those 4ftx4ft drawing with his unsatisfied face.he choosed some of the drawing that he thought were okay and told the rest of us to pick ours and go back.NO CLASS.

for the second time (if im not mistaken), its raining here in mmu.
raining during the day time.i remember the first time i arrived, it was damn hot that i really thought of wearing nuthin XD
when its rain, the weather is so cool and calm.
i really luv it.

i miss nicky.nak gigit pipi dia
i miss him.

my drawing

the evening rain

Monday, July 11, 2005


i miss these girls so much that i really really wanna see them and hug them and kiss them and i wanna talk with them so much..i really do.

take note:mistake on my previous post,nanim got the offer based on her merit,not on the appealed.she was in the first batch list.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

$151.95 = action script

for the first time, i'm now at mmu on the weekend.
i was planning to stay here on weekend, but there were so many errands i had to attend..mmu in the weekend, is not really happening. :P

so, yesterday, went out with elly and her 3 other friends.we went to ikano,purchasing 3ds max and action script book..those books aren't that cheap..the action script book cost me $151.95...minus the 10% i got by being a popular book store member, i had to pay $135++...the most expensive study book i ever bought.

and today is babah's birthday.
his now around 50 sumthing i guess..
as i don't have any credit left in my phone and i don't see him quiet often lately, i decided to call him up and wish him happy birthday. :D

*note to self:skip the 9pm dinner and make it early at 7pm or so.6pm if could.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Pix..pix...and pix

*i'm too tired to say out words..let the pictures tell u sum.
*nap dulu ye... ;)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nanim comel pergi UITM brutal

sent nanim to uitm last many people,damn crowded.
she's in her orientation week now.i told her to enjoy her orientation week as i did with mine, i danced through out the whole closing was fun lah in the end.

anyways, i think she's gonna enjoy her years there..mass communication-journalism, what else she wants..rite? i dun have the luck to study journalism but she does.its her choice, and she's so lucky.

its not that i'm complaining what i'm doing now, i really really love it, as much as i wud luv with writing..i guess there's advantages by doing what i'm doing now.i learn lots of new things.especially photography... :)

last nite i went to the mmu ed board went further details.malas nak citer.

and went to the annual general meeting of SPARC.
sparc is a club where they organise events.i'm going to be part of the battle of the band and outdoor gig team..its gonna be fun..there's so many clubs and societies here that i dunno which one i wanna join..

there's a girl here.she's my junior and she's in the foundation level.people said she's weird, and my roommate just got back and told me that the fcm dean gave her a 2 weeks straight break..

my next class wud be at 2pm.
design process.
yet, we did everything contra.
i wonder why?

for more pictures on nanim registration day at uitm

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mmusic Society

good news everyone....nanim aka my only sister, got accepted into uitm, degree in mass communication majoring in journalism.
the registration day will be held this sunday...ita, note this.ur cousin is joining u there!suke lah tu...

i'm happy for her too.she called me the about a week ago, crying on the phone, telling me that she didn't get in.and we went there for appeal, and now she got in.

the mmusic society club agm (anual general meeting)was held last nite.i went there with vi and ida.there was a girl, named hamam, playing the guitar, solo...she was cool.and she's a wearing tudung girl.she won the first place in gema competition (malay song competition) last year. salute!

anyways, today class was okay.cheng was like membebel a lot since monday.poor guy.not satisfied with this and that...the list will kept on and on if i told u guys wat he bubbled, we had to present all about ourselves in the design process class...and next week we had to draw objects, which can represent ourselves..weird class eh? uh and, for this homework, cheng was more than happy.he said its easy.

okay, i'm gonna take my rest for has been a long day.

note to self:tomorrow nite,IU bbq nite.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Panasonic DMC FZ20

as the classes started to go on just like usual, i developed a special interest towards this one class, mph1113-digital photography, which requires us to spend a whole lot of sum for a slr camera.
we were shocked!i'm talking about a 3k to 4k++ camera here.
mr kenneth, the class cordinator aka lecturer is okay.his a cool dude with a passion of artistry in him.he takes pictures,that's what he do beside than teaching us.
i have no problem with the class, except for that lah, the camera that we must purchase by the end of week 4.

so, me and elly took a step forward, we headed out downtown to search for the so called camera.the only camera that we hunted for was the panasonic ken said that that camera is great and it cost around 2k or so.and we did find a shop in pertama that sell it for 2k, full with accesories.

i couldn't wait to take my first picture with it.
uh, btw, panasonic fz20 fall in the "slr like" category.
its like, before this i dun even care what the category is, i was just imagined myself one day with one of those black camera that profesional photographer used..hmmm...

mr ken post these requirements on the mmudigiphoto yahoo group.

Equipment you need to have:
1.5 Megapixels (or higher) Digital Camera – with Exposure Overrides and RAW format

2.256MB (or higher) memory card(s) – CF or SD (Depends on camera model)

3.Card Reader for transferring images to your PC

4.Spare battery for long period outdoor shooting

5.Lens hood to avoid flare and filter to protect the lens (depends on camera model)

6.Sturdy tripod for sharper image or to avoid camera-shake

7.Cable or remote release to use when your camera is on the tripod (depends on camera model)

8.Dust blower and cleaning cloth to keep your equipment clean

9.LCD screen protector plastic

10.Silica gel to keep your equipment from having fungus due to humidity

11.Camera bag to carry your equipment

12.A book on Digital Photography (good coverage on technical aspects of Input-Process-Output)


1.The equipment will be used throughout BETA studies as well as for the majoring
(Gamma and Delta) later on

2.Try to borrow from your parents/relatives OR

3.Look for good second hand equipment OR

4.If you have to buy brand new, go in a group so that you can get a better price

5.Everything has to be ready by Week 4

me with elly's fz20:nonie's artwork:

on the orientation closing nite wit our so called batik shirt...eeewwww

me and the budak kecik@nonie

Friday, June 24, 2005

The ROOMATES, The NEIGHBOURS i promise. i wanna tell u guys about my life here at mmu.
start with my roommates.i have 2 roommates, elly from johor and nonie from shah alam.nonie is 18 years old so we called her budak kecik.and elly is 22.both of them are wacky and and elly are in the same faculty and doing the same major.and nonie is in the same faculty as we are but she's in her foundation year.
so, it has been 3 weeks now since i live and breath in the room with them.
the room is not really big but nice..although its a bit small from the rest but its okay.we can survive.then, there are my neighbours,3 of them...own,fiza and fatin.sumtimes i wud just go to their room and lepak, sumtimes they wud come to my room and watch dvd together....
the classes are far the earliest class i have is at

so, tu je kot buat setakat nie.ill update later..
uh, btw, i got offer letter from usm, seni halus-grafik komunikasi.
i'm gonna stay here, at mmu.

ni pc ely, dia malu nak bergambar, so i dapat ambik gambar pc dia jek.

this is the corner of my bed.there's my bed, and there's my table, before the pc took its crowded.

my jiran yg kepoh and kecoh giler!!!!but they are the best neighbours i ever had. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


so, the journey is and mmu.

last week was the orientation week...first time living in the hostel.the orientation week was suck as we had to wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night...well, maybe because mostly i was on the phone during the was the only time that i could use the phone.

sports activity during the orientation week..we had to wear the t-shirts they provided for us.urgghhh...

i cried on the first night in mmu...hihihihih..suddenly i felt alone...called my mom and she laughed...the second night was okay and so the same as the other night until now.

yesterday i attended the first classes...the morning class was cancelled due to the visit fromthe crown prince of perak (raja nazrin).they used the e theatre room...and the evening classes was a short one...just some introduction here and there.

i'm gonna have a photography class soon...which means, i have to buy the digital slr camera....$$$$$.....nuff said on that.u get it.

my roommates are from johor and one from shah alam..
nanti my next post, i'm gonna tell u more about my roommates, my neighbours, and the sengal list we made.


-Harim Hamdan, Faculty of Creative Multimedia-Media Innovation, Beta Level, MMU-

Sunday, May 29, 2005

MMU, here i come!

mama and babah went to a wedding in kuantan.
so, me and nanim went to amcorp mall...with nadia, abang zam, zaid and his cousin.
nuthin much....just lepaking with them before i'm off to mmu.i finally found OST for romeo and juliet, vol 2.rm lah kan.
so, friday ni, last day kat office.
did i tell u guys that abg zam gave me a pink hyppo? it's it.he said bawak pegi mmu untuk teman kat thoughtful of him ite?

reza sent me msg, asking me to lepaking wit him kat mmu nanti.
i dunno how's it gonna be there.excited.nervous.semua raser ada.sedih nak tinggalkan those guys at tns.dah setahun kerje kat sana.lots of experience.the ben thingy.guitar.abg zam thingy lagi.i malas nak citer kat sini about him.yeah, something happen but i clarify things and we're cool.ntahlah.
all i know now is i'm moving into a new environment next week.ader tugas besar menanti.a mission lah.lagi 3 years, i'll be free.and ready for everything.

the point is, mmu is waiting for me.i'm not gonna waste it.
i promise to whoever wants to believe in me.